Hostel and Rock Climbing.

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As much as I kept saying to myself that I did not want to plan or booked anything for my trip in advance, I decided to book my first hostel for when I arrive in Hanoi, Vietnam. The main reason is solely of rock climbing. With all the hard work that I have put into climbing in the past year and seeing myself improve I did not want to take off weeks at a time during my travel and get weaker to have to spent time rebuilding my strength. So I made climbing my priority even when I am traveling.

I did some research and found "Central Backpackers Hostel" located in the Old Quarter of Hanoi and is only about 4km (2 miles) from the one and only climbing gym, VietClim, in Hanoi. I will be staying at the hostel from Dec. 7th to the 13th. I figured I would go climb a few times while checking out Hanoi during that week and hopefully meet some cool climbers also.

The hostel is super cheap. It is $5/person/night which includes breakfast, wifi, and FREE beer between 7pm to 8pm every night. Word.

For the climbing gym, $6 for a bouldering day pass. I can dig it.

The only thing that I will not plan in advance is transportation from the airport to the hostel. I know I have a few options here:
  • Taxi. Probably will get ripped off big time.
  • Shuttle Bus. I read somewhere that will cost about $2.
  • Bus. I also read somewhere that will cost about $.25 which sounds too good to be true.....or not.
  • Transport provided by the hostel. $15.
I will figure it out in 65 days.


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