Vietnam Visa on Arrival - DONE.

I just applied and paid $25 for my Visa on arrival on I decided to get the 3 month single entry visa so I can take my time travel from North to South before heading west to Cambodia.

I did check a couple other websites that offers the same service but they seem to charge around $30 or $31. It's not a big deal but if you saw my previous post, I did book a hostel for $5 per night. Now all I am waiting for is the pre-approved visa which they said I would get in 2 business days by email. After that, all I have to do is print out the visa and bring it on the plane with me.

Note to myself: Photos ( 4cm x 6cm) are required upon arrival Vietnam's airports. If you do not have time to prepare those photos before your departure, you can also get them taken at a Vietnamese airport for 2 USD or less per photo.


  1. Great seeing you last night. Good food and good fun. As for the photo you need, I think Judy took care of that. Bwahahaha!

    Can't beat that three month visa price. That's cheap!!

  2. Before you enter Bali make sure you are familiar with the different money denominations.
    Vietnam visa on arrival


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