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The beach capital of Vietnam- Nha Trang

I arrived in Mozjo Inn (Nha Trang) at 6:30AM on Wednesday, the 26th,  from Hoi An hoping they have a bed available knowing the beach city could be packed. I didn't want to book online because there is a $2 service fee. Since I wanted to save $2 I had to wait over 6 hours until noon for the bed to be ready which I was ok with. Besides, I got to meet some really great people that I would spent the next 3 days with while I was waiting.

Julien, Maurice, Niki, and Renee from Holland (none of them knew each other), Tanja from Germany, Darren from the UK, Eric from Canada, Georgina from Sydney and Lulu from China. It was tons of fun while it lasted before we all go on our seperate ways again. 
Hung out at the beach for about 6 hours. Definitely got darker and made me look even more Vietnamese. 
(left) I found a giant baby making a sand castle and apparently the guy in the white shirt is enjoying the master piece quite a bit. (Right) Those are obviously my hands. 

Dinner time. 

Party time…

Christmas in beautiful Hoi An.

Some pictures I took during my 5 days in Hoi An, an old trading port dating from the 15th to 19th century. I really like the old Chinese style shop-houses with all the lanterns light up when the sun goes down. You could definitely find a nice cafe to sit in and enjoy some desert and a cup of Vietnamese coffee for half of a day. I did.

Next stop: Nha Trang.

Met up with some people for dinner. Com Ga (chicken rice) suppose to be one of their local specialties. Cao Lau noodles was the other. 
Desert after dinner. Fried donut with coconut inside.

 Haven't lead outside in a long time. Too bad this was their only lead route they set up. Definitely not a big climbing area in Hoi An due to government restrictions but still lots of fun.
Got some climbing done here in Hoi An. Nothing great. 

Got invited by my climbing guide to their Christmas eve get together...Mot, Hai, Ba, YOOOO!!!! Great people and food. Free!

Everything 14th of the lunar month, the city turn off all electricity and uses…