17 hours later...

I left Cat Ba Island at 1:15pm Monday afternoon for Hue. First, I had to take the bus to where the speed boat was. That was about a 30 to 40 minute bus ride. We then had to take a 30 minute speed boat ride to a town called Hai Phong. From the port of  Hai Phong, another 45 minute bumpy bus ride to the bus station. The bus to Hue didn't leave until 7pm Monday night. I finally arrived in Hue at noon time the next day, 17 hours later. That was a very long 520 miles journey with constant honking every 7 seconds. Nonetheless, I am finally here relaxing in my own hotel room and enjoying some of Hue's finest cuisine for the next couple of days.

$30 for a sleeper bus. It has two levels. Kinda like bunk beds.I was on the top. This was cool for about 10 minutes.

Not so cool for 16 hours and 50 minutes. But I did have KFC for dinner.

I have been addicted to Vietnamese Coffee with sweet condensed milk since I tried it a week ago. 

This is how they drained and filtered out the coffee ground stuff.....whatever you call it. 


That coffee ground stuff. Done.

Mix with sweet condensed milk and BAM! So good. 

One of five Hue's must try dish called Banh Khoai. It's fried rice pancake with pork, shrimp, bean sprouts, eggs, with some soy bean sauce. I thought it was ok. 5 must try foods in Hue.

Fresh sugar cane juice. I haven't had this since when I was about 7 living in Hong Kong. 

$.40 for a glass for fresh made sugar cane juice. 


  1. Is it Bamboo juice? Really? In India, we have the similar road side stands for sugar cane juice. And those bamboos, do look very much like sugar canes :)


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