1st Day Part Hai.

I arrived at Central's backpackers hostels after a not so bad 20 minute walk around the crazy streets of Hanoi. It is what I expected and better for $5 a night. It look exactly like the pictures they put up on their website. They did not photoshop and add a Olympic size swimming pool to try to attract tourists.


7 dudes and 1 duddette. 
 It was just about lunch hour after I got my bed (#24) assigned to me. I threw my stupid backpack on the bed and went out to look for some real Pho now that I am in Vietnam. I walked around just to get familiarize with things, after about 30 minutes I decided to stop at this really nasty looking place just around the corner from the hostel. What attracted me was it was crowded meaning it probably taste pretty darn good and a big red sign that says 'Beef/ Chicken noodle soup - 30,000D' (roughly around $1.40). Although, the size of the bowl would consider a small back in the States it wasn't too bad and it was just right. I ordered the chicken noodle soup and one fried spring roll for a whopping 40,000D ($1.90). It did not disappoint me one bit.

For dinner, I met up with Domonic and Susie from Germany for dinner at this tiny little restaurant called Genko. I ordered some friend chicken noodle dish and a Tiger beer which is quite a popular beer in Asia. Dinner came out to 71,000D ($3.40). I could eat all day here.

I then passed out again until morning. 

......oh wait. We did walked around the night market before dinner. I wouldn't grab dinner there though because they charge double or more compare to places outside of the market. 

Just a video of me walking around at the market. Nothing special. 


Just balloons. I like them.


  1. The hostel looks like something out of the navy.

    Or the YMCA.

    Not that there's anything wrong with that.

    Blog looks great, Phil!

    1. looked like a prison cell to me with the metal beds but they are pretty comfy.

    2. by the way I just know what a prison cell looks like based on movies, I swear.


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