1st Day Part Mot.

The visa on arrival process was super easy and quick once I arrived in Hanoi. I waited in line for about 10 minutes before handing them my pre approved letter for a 3 month visa, an entry and exit form along with a 2 x 2 passport photo, and my US passport. Then I waited in another line for another 15 minutes to pay the $25 stamping fee. I did read stories about how some folks have to wait a couple of hours before.

After that, I headed over to customs and I went through that without any issues. I've heard so many stories how they would ask you for " Coffee money" before they would let you go through. None of that happened to me (not for this trip so far anyway). I did, however, folded two $1 bills together just in case he asked. 

I didn't get hackle by too many taxi drivers once I'm outside of the airport looking for a ride to the Old Quarter, where the hostel I am staying in is. I think 3 people asked me but they weren't going crazy going after my money. It helps since I have no problem ignoring people. I just kept walking. Or maybe because I'm Asian so they assume that I know where I am going. 

I decided to take a mini bus for $3 instead of a taxi which would have cost me $15 to $17 to get to my destination. Another American did ask me if I want to share a taxi with him but no thanks. That would still have cost me $8 or $9 instead of just $3. I'm a cheap bastard but it makes me happy. 

Yay....$3 crappy bus ride.
Within the first 30 minutes after leaving the airport, I have seen so many crazy and weird things that would consider abnormal back in the states. Things like a family of 4 riding on a scooter, lady riding a scooter with 3 baskets of live chickens in the back, a guy riding a scooter with a 6 ft tree strapped to the back of his bike, trucks taking U-turns in the middle of the highway, and honking at everything at everyone for no reason is the norm here. I have heard stories from friends and family telling me these stuff but it's different when you see it in person. It was crazy but I loved it. I also have confirmed that working traffic lights does not work in Hanoi.  Road lanes are some what useful but not really.

You eat that corn, kid. You eat it good.

Those chickens must be freaking out in the back. Lady got skills though.

Cloudy day. That's it.

Scooter seats. Comes in different colors and styles. Stay cool bikers. 

Yup look at how useful those road lanes are. 

Finally, I like how the bus driver just dropped me off 20 minutes walking distance away from where I wanted to go. But hey it's $3!! Good thing I had a map (Thanks to my pal, Waiching) or else I would have been walking around clueless. And thank you for street signs. 

One last note before heading out to the night market with some people. I want to say a big thank you to Swiss Airway. Life can't get any better than this.....just kidding. It can but this sure did made me a happy man for 7 hours. 

I love you, Swiss International Airway.


  1. What's it like being one day in the future?

  2. being in the future is pretty cool. Certainly don't feel like it.


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