Day 2 and the Oppa Korean dude is everywhere.

I woke up this morning and felt like getting a workout in so decided to walk 2.1 miles to the only climbing gym in Hanoi. Took the  following pictures and video on the way there and back. Meh.
Breakfast for $.50. I think it was pork. I'm not really sure but it was good. 


$6.70 to get in. Pretty crappy but better than nothing I guess. 

Some dude just chillin in a hammock on the sidewalk. 

Tons of these barbershops setup on the side of the road. 

And then I found this. I want to say it is a restaurant and I pretty sure PSY himself  didn't open it. Ryan, I am not going to burn the place down.

View from my room balcony on the 5th floor. 

I got a bowl of Beef noodle soup when I got back from the gym. 

And fried egg rolls with a glass of mango juice. I went crazy today. Total $5.50. The tipping sauce for the egg rolls was really good. Sliced apples were in kind of sauce to add flavor. Yum.

Crossing Duong Yen Phu in Hanoi on my way to VietClimb. A 2.1 mile walk from Central Backpackers Hostel in the Old Quarter. I had to cross again when heading back to the hostel. It was sweet.


  1. Please reconsider you arson decision.

  2. Crossing the street there looks a little easier than Frogger. Gotta trust those drivers huh?

  3. Next time, use the cross walk, jaywalker!

  4. stopping is the most dangerous thing you can do. Its dangerous but at the same time you have to trust them. it's weird.


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