Deep Water Solo @ Cat Ba Island.

Originally I was just going to stay here for 3 days max but ended up staying for almost a week instead. People are a lot laid back, you don't hear as much honking or traffic, really nice weather and beaches, and since it is in the winter months barely any tourists are here at the moment.

On the second day here I met Vicki from San Jose. She is also a solo traveler and her 7 months journey is close to an end. She just recently graduated from college so she is significantly a lot younger than I am but she was really cool to hang out with.

I wouldn't mind staying here for another week but I would hate to get too comfortable at a place. I can feel I am already getting a bit comfortable here. It would just make it harder to leave. There are still so many other places to see. So I got a bus ticket heading south to Hue today at 1 pm  It is a 13 to 15 hour bus ride that I am not looking forward to.

Water soloing was a lot scarier than I had imagine. Once you climb up to a certain height, you start feeling nervous about jumping in the water because once you hit that water it may sting pretty bad. Especially when you don't have control of your body and you land in the wrong way. After a couple of hours climbing, we kayaked around the different little 'islands'. That was really amazing too and this time it was sunny so we could go for a swim anytime we wanted.

Overall, I give this place an A+. But if it wasn't for the persistency of a Vietnamese gentleman who tried to bring me to a brothel 3 days in a row, this place would have gotten an F from me. I have to give credit where credit is due even though I kept telling him no thank you. On the second day when he tried to take me to a brothel at 9 in the morning while I was having my breakfast, I jokingly said "I don't want to pay because I could get it for free". He said "where". I replied back "anywhere. I am a good looking guy". He then started laughing. It is quite fun to mess with them sometimes for a good laugh....and no I didn't end up going to any brothels.

Got the whole 6th floor balcony to myself. 

Again $3.50 a night for 14 beds. 

Move over Sriracha Sauce. This is the real deal.

15-20 minutes walk from the hostel to 1 of the 3 beaches. Empty. 

Vicki taking the 1st dip.


The climb was easy. Rocks are super sharp.

Alina stood there for probably 30 minutes before she decided to jump. It was crazy high. She ended up hurting her back and shoulder when she land but she is ok. Her shorts and tank top ripped from the impact. Water cut your skin like knifes when you jump from that high. Crazy girl.....Vicki on the left side climbing.

Taking a nap before kayaking.

Lunch time! Watermelon, coconuts with beef, eggs, potatoes, and egg rolls. 

I was trying to balance the kayak while Vicki turned herself around to take a picture of me. 

Vicki decided to go for a swim. Water was nice and warm. 

One of the many isolated tiny beaches on these tiny islands. 


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