En route to Sa Pa.

It has been a few days since my last post. Wi fi has been pretty spotty up here in the mountains in beautiful Sa Pa. I have already been up here for 2 nights and 3 days. Today is my last day here and will be taking an overnight train back to Hanoi at 5:30PM.

I was getting pretty tired of the constant honking, the noise of motorbikes, and having the need to dodge people left and right just walking down the street. So first thing Sunday morning, I walked 20 minutes to the Hanoi main train station and bought my ticket to Sa Pa. Only mistake I made is I went with the cheaper option ($20) and bought a soft seat instead of a 4 person sleeper compartment ($30). I wanted the local experience and I got it by inhaling second hand smoke for 9 hours straight. But I guess it could be worst.

Ha Noi main train station
LC1 = 
Slower overnight train with 8 million stops.  Air-con hard sleepers, air-con soft seats, air-con hard seats, non-air-con hard seats.  No soft sleepers. = Awesomeness.
The picture makes it look nice and clean. 
I don't know why US doesn't do this. Seems pretty safe and fun to me. 

I arrived in Lao Cai at around 7:30 the next morning then had to take an hour bus ride ($2) to reach Sa Pa. I checked in to my hostel,Pinocchio Sapa Hotel, and I couldn't believe it is only $5 a night with the view that I have. I slept most of the day on my first day there since I didn't really get any sleep on the train the night before. Weather was perfect during the day in the 70s and night time gets a little chilly in the low 60s. Overall it was very comfortable.

My bed is the corner bed next to the window. I had the room all to myself.
At 4700 FT

The town is really booming from all the tourists. Everything is a little more expensive here compare to Ha noi and nothing you can really do about it since it is in the middle of nowhere and high up in the mountain. The landscapes there is just amazing though. The next day, I paid $14 for a 12K trek through rice paddies and a few different villages. Here are some of the photos:


 Just one of the many different villages in Sapa.

 Ah the simple life.

This H'mong lady caught me taking a picture of her and she asked me if I wanted to buy something from her in exchange. I ran away.

 more rice paddies.

 Kitty cat.

 more kitty cats.

 I would buy this house for $35 in a heart beat.

 Hey doggy.

She didn't catch me taking a picture of her. Pretty smooth or I was just really far away.

That's 2 nights and 3 days here in Sa Pa! I just paid $30 for a sleeper bed (Yup I'm a sissy) tonight heading back to Hanoi and on to my next destination, HaLong Bay. Peace!!!


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    1. Thanks Bro! You have fun in India! Looking forward to seeing your pictures.

  2. Hey Phil, Been reading your posts and following your journey. It's fun and exciting. Keep 'em coming :)
    P.S. - Am a friend of Vartika's from college.

    1. Hi Simran,

      Thanks for checking out the blog! I will write as often as I can.

  3. Verry cool stuff man! Keep em posting!


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