Last day in Hue.

Another relaxing day before heading to Hoi An tomorrow morning. I took a final stroll around the city, ate more delicious Hue's cuisine, and took some pictures. Didn't do much at all these past couple of days but just relaxed. Have been on the go for the past two weeks and it could definitely get tiring. I can't wait to see the rest of Vietnam though.

I know. It's a bit messy. Did some laundry earlier and drying them on chairs. 

Perfume River.

Crossing over the bridge to the old Hoi An side. 


A market I came across while walking around. 

They sell everything here. 

Fabrics, clothes, everything. 

more fabrics.
Some kind of desert drink. It has coconut, banana, red beans, and something else. No idea what it's called. The lady just handed to me. I didn't even order it. That's how they force you to pay for stuff here. 

Some food some lady gave me. I walked over to the food stand and without saying a word, she start putting the food on the plate. It looks good so I didn't walk away. It was really cheap and super good. I tried to asked what they are called but she didn't understand English. $2.50 for everything....oh the dish on the left is called Banh it ram.

Then I looked down and found a giant mouse trap underneath the table. Right after I took this picture, I saw a giant rat ran across the tables 5 ft from me. Whatever disease I may get or how many gallons of blood I may vomit, it was well worth it.

That's right. I had a cheeseburger for dinner.

and Banh Beo.

Banh Loc.

No idea what this is. Some meat. 

Perfume river Bridge. 

Night Market open from 7pm to 11pm right on the river. 

Walking back to the hotel. 

Street food market in Hue. Fruits, seafood, meat, vegetables...etc.


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