My home for a year.

Traveling light is not a simple task. Here is a list of things I carried with me for 14 months.
  • 3 tank tops- these are all you need in Southeast Asia. They are light and can roll up pretty small to save tons of space in your backpack. They are easy to wash and dry a lot quicker than a regular cotton T-shirt. 
  • 2 cotton T-shirts- The only time I wear T-shirts was in cooler countries such as South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan during the winter months. 
  • 2 pair of convertible pants/ shorts- These are fantastic. I highly recommend these to travelers if they don't want to carry too much clothes. 
  • Exofficio Boxer Briefs- Exofficio travel underwear. They are super comfortable and dry really quick. 
  • 2 pair of socks- yeah, socks. Don't have too much to say about this. 
  • Climbing shoes/ Chalk- I carry these whenever I go. You just never know when you need to climb some rocks. 
  • Nikon D90 DSLR- A huge pain in the butt to carry around but took fantastic pictures. Never again, though. I would like to replace this with a GoPro one day when I'm willing to spend the money. 
  • Nikon COOLPIX AW100 - Must have a waterproof point and shoot camera. Good to have if you decide to go do some snorkeling or diving. 
  • 12" Laptop- A tablet for me just would not work just because a laptop is so much better at making photos management and for when I need to write my blog. 
  • External 250GB hard drive- Where I stored all of my pictures and videos. 
  • SteriPEN Adventurer Opti Water Purifier- Never used it once. Bottled water was cheap enough to buy. 
  • Black Diamond Headlamp- Very useful for when you need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and don't want to wake up 6 other people in the dorm room. 
  • 2 ClearMax universal travel adapter. I bought two of these just incase one stop working. It was cheap and it got the job done. 
  • Travel pillow- I ended up mailing this back home. Took up too much space. 
  • Sea to Summit CoolMax Adaptor Liner- Slept on quite a few nasty beds while on the road. This definitely helped me sleep through the night with a piece of mind.
  • Oakley sunglasses- Got this stolen in Thailand, but bought a new pair in Australia. 
  • Lonely Planet Southeast Asia (Shoestring)- Mailed this back home as well. This was about 500 pages thick and I realized I only used it when I was bored. 
  • Medical First- Aid Kit- Barely ever used it, but doesn't hurt to have it in the backpack. 
  • PackTowl Quick Dry Towel- Compact and dry quick. 
  • Camping Stove- It came in handy when I went on a few hiking day trips. 
  • REI 18L Flash Pack- My day pack.
  • REI 40L travel backpack- There are better ones out there. I got this because it was only $120 and I did not want a conventional backpack where the opening is from the top. I can unzip the whole cover and get anything I need to get a lot easier. 
With everything, the backpack weighted about 11 kg = 24 pounds.

The good thing about traveling with a small size backpack is you can carry it right onto the plane with you. No check in required, which means no waiting in line before and after the flight and don't have to worry about the airline loosing my backpack. This is my home for over a year after all.

UPDATE: I ended up leaving the camping stove behind, lost the water bottle like 3 days later, got rid of the Southeast Asia guide book because it weighted about 200 pounds and took up a lot of space, also got rid of the pillow, and threw out a couple t-shirts. 

 Able to fit all my crap in the backpack no problem.

 - Gotta buckle up

- And VOILA! Just under 12 Kilos.


  1. Serious packing skills!!! Good luck Phil!

    1. Thanks V for the book again. It is pretty useful so far but it's a space killer. ;)

  2. Life stripped to its most basic components.


    1. yeah I kinda wanted to get rid of a little more but no can't do.


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