The beach capital of Vietnam- Nha Trang

I arrived in Mozjo Inn (Nha Trang) at 6:30AM on Wednesday, the 26th,  from Hoi An hoping they have a bed available knowing the beach city could be packed. I didn't want to book online because there is a $2 service fee. Since I wanted to save $2 I had to wait over 6 hours until noon for the bed to be ready which I was ok with. Besides, I got to meet some really great people that I would spent the next 3 days with while I was waiting.

Julien, Maurice, Niki, and Renee from Holland (none of them knew each other), Tanja from Germany, Darren from the UK, Eric from Canada, Georgina from Sydney and Lulu from China. It was tons of fun while it lasted before we all go on our seperate ways again. 

Hung out at the beach for about 6 hours. Definitely got darker and made me look even more Vietnamese. 

(left) I found a giant baby making a sand castle and apparently the guy in the white shirt is enjoying the master piece quite a bit. (Right) Those are obviously my hands. 

Dinner time. 

Party time @ Why Not Bar (They have one at every major city). That gigantic read bucket is filled some pretty good liquor. Tasted like juice but it hits you like a brick out of nowhere. Then we dance the night away until 4am with lots of hookers around. 

Cable cart ride to the waterpark, Vinpearl. $25 for a full day of fun. 

Georgina is enjoying the view and Tanja is staring at Georgina. 

You would think that is where you buy lottery but it's not. They make some nasty fast food and it's not very fast. 

Almost there.

Shittiest looking Batman every and me riding a bull for about 43 seconds before falling off. FYI: It's not a real bull. 

Julien, Darren and Eric all strapped to be ready to get flip upside down. I'm too much of a sissy. 

Georgina and Tanja looking very excited. 

On our way to the Alpine coster ride.

You get to control your speed. Pretty awesome. Video below.

First slide. Tanja and Darren.

Space hole. 


More beach photos.

Another beach photo with girl in thong. 

Dinner on the beach at Sailor Club. 

So pretty and so delicious.


My dinner. Curry chicken with Cashew nuts. 

I know. I really like the giant baby. 

Cable ride. 

The Alpine coaster ride. It was pretty scary when you go fast. Just for the record, it looks like I'm going slow is because I had to hold the camera in between my knees and I didn't want it to fall off or else I would be going 400 mph. 

Family slide = Best slide ever!


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