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I love Bangkok

I spend a total of 7 days in Bangkok and I really enjoyed it besides feeling homesick for a couple of days. I hung out at the mall, went to the movies (watched The last stand and Hansel & Gretel: witch hunters), met up  with an old friend that I went to middle school with (she was here for work), got my first Thai massage, got poisoned from a stupid pizza, Went rock climbing at a supermarket, Chinatown, an 18 year old chick tried to have a one night stand with me, took the train to Ayutthaya to see some awesome temples, and of course went to Nana plaza, rumored to be one of the largest sex complex in the world. Vegas got nothing on this. Pictures below. Overall, good times in BKK.

I will be back to Thailand in a few months to explore the northern part of it and the south as well. For now, I am heading to my home country, Hong kong.

Better than nothing.
Welcome to Nana Plaza. Personally, I wouldn't buy any condoms or Viagra here on the streets. 
My 1st movie is almost 2 months!…

My 10 hour journey to Bangkok

Five things I've learned traveling in SE Asia for 7 weeks so far: 1) Buses are never on time. 2) Always expect the unexpected. 3) You never know understand what is going on. You just have to trust them that it work out. I arrived at the bus station by 12:15pm for my 12:30pm bus. Already expecting the bus is going to be late, I waited until 1:30. Turns out they over booked the bus and they don't have room for me so they hired a tuk tuk driver to take me to another bus station. Now keep in mind the bus stations here do not always look like an actual bus station. It is a basically a dirt lot with a couple of benches without any signs that indicate this is where buses stop.

I waited there not knowing which bus I'm suppose to get on and they never tell you anything. 20 minutes later, a bus arrived and not knowing if I am suppose to get on or not I showed the driver my ticket. 5 minutes later, he pointed at me to get on the bus. All I could do is hope that they are taking me to …

Battambang MEH

This was the description for Battambang on my Lonely Planet guide book:

The elegant riverside town of Battambang is home to Cambodia's best preserved French period architecture.  The stunning boat trip from Siem Reap lures travelers here, but it's the remarkably chilled atmosphere that makes them linger. Battambang is an excellent base for exploring nearby temples and villages that offer a real slice of rural Cambodia. 

I don't want to bash the town but it is not what I thought it was once I arrived. I was expecting the town to be really chill, relax, and not as many people like Kampot but boy was I wrong. The river is definitely not elegant. Just a river with knee high brown water. The architectures are just the same as any architectures in Siem Reap or Phnom Penh. And the villages are just like any other villages. Nothing really stand out or special about it. So I blame Lonely Planet for their terribly false description of the town in their Southeast Asia on a shoestring …

Angkor Wat?

I rented an 86 speed 280 pound bicycle for a $1 to ride to Angkor Wat myself. It was probably an 8- 10 mile ride round trip from my guesthouse. I haven't exercise since I left the US so it felt great to do something active finally.

It is also a great feeling to not hear someone yell out at you every 5 seconds walking down the street once you leave the guesthouse: "Tuk Tuk, sir? Tuk Tuk. Velly cheap", "Where you going, sir? going somewhere?", or "You walking sir. No good. Too farrr". It could get pretty annoying and a lot of head shaking.

I paid $20 for a one day pass into Angkor Wat instead of a 3 day pass which would cost $40 and I felt one day was enough. I visited the 3 most popular sites: Angkor Wat, Bayon, and Ta Prohm (where the movie Tomb Raider was filmed). It is really an amazing place and anyone who get a chance to go should really go. But just like everything, after awhile you get used to it and then it just becomes meh.

Other than that, th…