Angkor Wat?

I rented an 86 speed 280 pound bicycle for a $1 to ride to Angkor Wat myself. It was probably an 8- 10 mile ride round trip from my guesthouse. I haven't exercise since I left the US so it felt great to do something active finally.

It is also a great feeling to not hear someone yell out at you every 5 seconds walking down the street once you leave the guesthouse: "Tuk Tuk, sir? Tuk Tuk. Velly cheap", "Where you going, sir? going somewhere?", or "You walking sir. No good. Too farrr". It could get pretty annoying and a lot of head shaking.

I paid $20 for a one day pass into Angkor Wat instead of a 3 day pass which would cost $40 and I felt one day was enough. I visited the 3 most popular sites: Angkor Wat, Bayon, and Ta Prohm (where the movie Tomb Raider was filmed). It is really an amazing place and anyone who get a chance to go should really go. But just like everything, after awhile you get used to it and then it just becomes meh.

Other than that, there is really nothing else in Siem Reap but the night market if you are into shopping and pub street where all the bars and restaurants are but that's pretty expensive.

Angkor Wat


Ta Prohm

Bayon and a child asking for donation which I declined. Sorry Kiddo. 

I dedicate this post to Angelina Jolie


  1. Dem lips...

    Also GREAT photos! You weren't able to find a Vietnamese fireman but you can make up for it with a SE Asian redneck.


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