Battambang MEH

This was the description for Battambang on my Lonely Planet guide book:

The elegant riverside town of Battambang is home to Cambodia's best preserved French period architecture.  The stunning boat trip from Siem Reap lures travelers here, but it's the remarkably chilled atmosphere that makes them linger. Battambang is an excellent base for exploring nearby temples and villages that offer a real slice of rural Cambodia. 

I don't want to bash the town but it is not what I thought it was once I arrived. I was expecting the town to be really chill, relax, and not as many people like Kampot but boy was I wrong. The river is definitely not elegant. Just a river with knee high brown water. The architectures are just the same as any architectures in Siem Reap or Phnom Penh. And the villages are just like any other villages. Nothing really stand out or special about it. So I blame Lonely Planet for their terribly false description of the town in their Southeast Asia on a shoestring guide book. I'm not the only who thinks this by the way. The other 4 people that stayed with me thought the same thing and they left a day before me. So it's not the town, just the false description that the guide book provided.

However, I did come to relax and I did just that. I also did a short hike up a mountain where the temples are, got a really great view of the town and watch millions (literally millions) of bats fly out a cave during sunset. So I mean I did do something besides laying around all day and complain about how crappy Lonely Planet is.

And yes these are the only photos I took the whole 4 days I was here.

So useless. Accommodation was super cheap. $2 a night!  

It took about half an hour for all the bats to come out of the cave. It was awesome. 

The tuk tuk driver took us to another location to watch the bats after they came out of the cave. From far away, this looks really cool. Almost like a dragon. 


  1. The rivers in that region look elegant, after the monsoon. By summer, most of them get dried up. If the river has water around this time, it is sure to look pretty neat by the time monsoon has done it's work!!

  2. Yeah I figured that maybe the case. The town is still nice. I main purpose of me coming here was just to relax anyway which I did so it worked out fine. I'm still glad I came here.


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