Crocodile meat and cobra blood Vodka, anyone?

I finally arrived in the beautiful beach town known for their wind and kite surfing after a 5 hour off road ride (It certainly doesn't help when I sit in the back of the van) around mountains from Dalat to Mui Ne. However, It was great to feel the weather temperature rising on the ride from the low 60s to high mid 80s.

Mui Ne has that west coast California feel to me. Once I arrived, there are people on their long boards, surfers on their scooters with their surf boards, everyone are tan, there are nice bars right on the strip, and one resort right after another for at least 3 miles straight. Except California doesn't serve crocodile, turtles, ostrich, lizard, or slice open a cobra right in front of you then drain its blood into a glass of vodka to have you drink it. Or maybe they do.

The only unpleasant part about Mui Ne is that it has become such a popular tourist destination that all the resorts own parts of the beach. So the only way you could get to the beach is to walk through one of the many resorts and pay a fee ($8) for a fancy beach bed. Or you could walk down further along the strip to a more secluded area to lay on the beach for free which I prefer more anyway.

What made the stay here in Mui Ne better too is that the group of friends I met in Nha Trang actually came down to Mui Ne a day later and they ended up staying at the same place as I did which is crazy because there are hundreds of hotels and guesthouses in the area. Just because of that I decided to stay a few more nights longer before heading to my last stop in Vietnam: HCMC. 

I would like to have one of the friend fried please. 

Backpackers gotta have gorgeous skin too. Aloe pulp cleansing mask if you are wondering. 

Before this, the chef broke the Cobra's teeth and drain most of the venom. This is where he sliced open the cobra and took out the heart. Some crazy Russian guy ate it. 

And that is a glass of the cobra's blood with vodka.

Poor snake. Sorry dude.

And that is me taking a sip. Taste just like blood. 

This is pretty obvious. I had a tiny little piece. Taste a bit like fish but chewy like chicken. The taste wasn't bad but no thanks. 

Back to something normal and pretty: Me. 

Kite surfers.

Yellow sand dunes. 

Going for a ride. 

Didn't go very far. Stupid sand. 

White sand dunes. 

Hey girls...

Awesome scenery.

God it's tiring walking uphill and sand blowing in my face. 


Sweet view from the top. 

Restaurant right on the water. Food is super cheap and great view.  

There are about 1 million kite surfers out there. This is almost at sunset. Not necessarily good waves but very windy.  

Relaxing a bar with some friends having a drink and some shisha: Cherry flavor. 

Relaxing underneath a bungalow.

Finished up the book 'Warm Bodies' about zombies coming back alive as human beings. I very much enjoyed it. 

A crap load of kite surfers. 



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