I love Bangkok

I spend a total of 7 days in Bangkok and I really enjoyed it besides feeling homesick for a couple of days. I hung out at the mall, went to the movies (watched The last stand and Hansel & Gretel: witch hunters), met up  with an old friend that I went to middle school with (she was here for work), got my first Thai massage, got poisoned from a stupid pizza, Went rock climbing at a supermarket, Chinatown, an 18 year old chick tried to have a one night stand with me, took the train to Ayutthaya to see some awesome temples, and of course went to Nana plaza, rumored to be one of the largest sex complex in the world. Vegas got nothing on this. Pictures below. Overall, good times in BKK.

I will be back to Thailand in a few months to explore the northern part of it and the south as well. For now, I am heading to my home country, Hong kong.

Better than nothing.

Welcome to Nana Plaza. Personally, I wouldn't buy any condoms or Viagra here on the streets. 

My 1st movie is almost 2 months!!

Spotless! c'mon MBTA!

$6. Nice and clean. C'mon AMC!

Un-necessary but I'd like to know these info sometimes, AMC!

Street food in Chinatown. Apparently this one is really popular for their seafood. 

So spicy.

I'm all set with that. 

I believe that is a baby squirrel, folks.  

I like my bunnies.

Oh look I'm back in Boston. 

Great way to end my day in Bangkok. See you later Bangkok. 


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