Kampot & Kep/ Rabbit Island


Darren (UK), Maurice (Holland) and I (USA and sometimes China) got dropped off in the hustling and bustling town of Kampot as you can see below:

It is actually a really lovely town that only a handful of tourist goes. It's a great place to just do nothing and relax. Well there is nothing to do anyway. We walked around for about 15 minutes before we found a 15 bunk bed hostel, Titchs, which there were only about 5 people there including us 3 and it only costed us $3 a night per person. The rooftop is a bar and it offers the most au-some view of the sunset right on the river.

Maurice and I rented a motobike the next day for $5 and just drove around aimlessly for 4 hours. We did find a zoo but I wasn't really interested in paying $4 to look at caged animals. We stayed here for 2 nights and we left. Don't get me wrong, I really love the town. I would highly recommend anyone to go since it is still one of the very few non touristy destination.

Besides pepper, their other famous town product is Durian so they decided to make a statue of it and put it right in the center of town. 

"Happy" special pizza. You know what it means. 

Sunset from our dorm room balcony. Swweeeettttt.

Convinced Maurice to eat a durian. 

A house up in the mountain.

Taken from Titch's rooftop. Kampot night life. 


Kep/ Rabbit Island

Darren left to go to another beach town while Maurice and I decided to take a 30 minute bus ride back to a even smaller town called Kep. There we hopped on a 20 minute boat ride to Rabbit Island. The beach on the island is about the length of 3 football fields with around 20-25 bungalows for $5 a night. Maurice and I each rented our own and spend one night there. We did even less there than at Kampot. 

The island is not crowded with tourist at all since they offer only two boat rides a day there and back. Most people usually just stay for the day so when the last boat leaves at 4pm, the only people that are on the island are the ones staying over night. It does get pretty quiet once the sun goes down. Electricity only runs from 6pm to 10pm daily so bed time is pretty early as well which I don't mind. 

If you do decide to stay in a bungalow expect to sleep with other animals on the island. I'm pretty sure I had ducks sleeping below my bungalow, a cat on my porch, and possibly a mouse after finding dropping right next to me on my bed when I woke up. No harm done. 

After the island we went back inland and spend a night in Kep. We shared a room for $5 a night and it came with a scary looking giant spider. I screamed like a little girl. Maurice told the owner to get rid of it for us and i'm sure him and his friend had a pretty laugh about us stupid westerners being scared of a spider that is the size of my hand!

Once the sun goes down, the damn mosquitoes come out. A net is a must.  

See that closet full of clothes? They are def. not mine. 

Rabbit Island. 

Maurice eating breakfast and being shy.


I don't like you.

Rabbit Island. 

I also made my first crappy time lapse of the sunset with my Nikon D90 DSLR. I basically sat there for almost two hours, clicking on the shutter button every 5 to 10 seconds. What else is there to do on an island I thought. This is what I got after 365 photos. 0.06 frames per second. put it together with Windows live movie maker. 

A 4 hour bus ride turned into a 6 hour bus ride. First, a flat tire which they replaced in a world record time of 10 minutes. Then the bus won't start because of gear changing problems. After almost two hours, the stupid bus finally want to start. Actually the bus driver fixed it. 


  1. I have yet to hang out in a hammock! Your trip looks like a lot of fun so far haha. So far mine's been less adventure and more culture and food haha. Did you bring insect repellent with DEET? That might help with the mosquito nets.

  2. Hi Phil,

    Nice to see that you're having fun. I remember our discussion of durians at your farewell party.

    Keep writing!


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