Last stop in Vietnam: HCMC (Saigon)

I stayed in Saigon for 5 days and I actually really enjoyed it even though it is the busiest and most populated city in Vietnam. It is definitely getting to be more modernized and it is really different from the rest of the cities in Vietnam. The financial district is up and coming with high end stores such as Gucci, Chanel, Armani, LV...etc. I also saw my first Burger King and Pizza Hut here and yes I did go to BK for a nice bacon cheeseburger. It was damn good. 

I could see myself staying here longer and would have love to stay until Chinese new year which is coming up in early February but I rather spent my money in another country and I feel like 5 1/2 weeks in Vietnam is enough for me. Next stop: Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  

The alley my hotel is located on. 

Not really sure what is ugly but good. Use your imagination. 

Hanging out with some friends on the sidewalk bars. About $.60 for a Saigon beer. 

We get approached about 30 times a night by these guys/ girls trying to sell us books. They are actually really good "copied" books. They would start off with around $7 or $8 but we could always talk them down to as low as $2 or $2.50. Not a bad deal.

Tons of people hang out on the streets every night until late. 

Just trying to make a buck. 

Cu Chi Tunnels. Watching a short film about the Vietnam war. In the film, the narrator referred to whoever killed an American soldier as "American killer hero". Pretty interesting. 

Just one of many deadly booby traps the Vietnamese made during the war. 

Yea. That would probably hurt a little. 

One of the hundreds entrances to the tunnels. My left foot can barely fit in it. 

Inside the tunnel. They actually made this wider for tourists to go into. Original size is about 50 to 60 centimeters wide and 80 to 90 centimeters in height. Pretty insane to think about people actually lived in these tunnels. 

An American tank destroyed by a landmine. 

More awesome traps with giant long metal spikes. 

Left: Tunnel entrance. Right: The different type of bombs the US dropped in the two Cu Chi. 

Just a house right next to my hotel. 

Department stores are starting to decorate for Chinese new year. 

The BiTexco Financial Tower. Tallest building in Vietnam. 

Opera House.

Found a Mochi Ice cream shop right by my hotel. 

A bar across from my hotel. I like the swings. 

Bui Vien Street. Hundreds of spas, bars and hookers at night here. 

The War Remnants Museum. Pretty depressing but good info from the Vietnamese perspective about the war. 

If it's too small to read. Click on the photo to enlarge it. 

Definitely hated the US government back then. 

Ok back to the happy stuff. Happy New Year 2013

This one is for you Ryan. No name. Just the number. The color is pretty accurate. 

The BiTexco Financial Tower at night. 

We walked by a Baskin Robbins so some of us wanted to try their ice-cream. I also saw my first Burger King and Pizza Hut here in Saigon after 5 1/2 weeks. Pizza Hut is a must go for me. 

5 1/2 weeks from North Vietnam to South Vietnam. On to the next country. Later Vietnam!


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