My 10 hour journey to Bangkok

Five things I've learned traveling in SE Asia for 7 weeks so far: 1) Buses are never on time. 2) Always expect the unexpected. 3) You never know understand what is going on. You just have to trust them that it work out. I arrived at the bus station by 12:15pm for my 12:30pm bus. Already expecting the bus is going to be late, I waited until 1:30. Turns out they over booked the bus and they don't have room for me so they hired a tuk tuk driver to take me to another bus station. Now keep in mind the bus stations here do not always look like an actual bus station. It is a basically a dirt lot with a couple of benches without any signs that indicate this is where buses stop.

I waited there not knowing which bus I'm suppose to get on and they never tell you anything. 20 minutes later, a bus arrived and not knowing if I am suppose to get on or not I showed the driver my ticket. 5 minutes later, he pointed at me to get on the bus. All I could do is hope that they are taking me to Poi Pet, where the border is. 

The 2 1/2 hour ride went smoothly and I got to watch a Jet Li movie they played on the bus. I arrived at Poi Pet around 4:30pm with a crap load of tuk tuk drivers waiting for me at the door to try to sell me a ride to the border. I picked the most annoying one to drive half a mile to the border from where I got dropped off for $1. 

Checkpoint went smoothly. I showed them my passport and got a stamp for 15 days visa in Thailand (30 days if arrive by air). I walked across the border to Thailand and a gentlemen came up to me to show me where I am suppose to get on the bus. Somehow he knew I was the one that they overbooked which I am not surprised. I have finally accepted the fact that I will never understand how they organize things. You just have to trust them and they get the job done. He said that bus already left since I was late so he put me in a mini van with 8 other locals. Again, I have no idea where I am going. Oh...another thing I learned 4) if you take the bus in SE Asia, you never know where they will drop you off. You would think a bus station but not always. 

4 hours later around 8:30pm in the most intense car ride ever (Thai drivers are insane), he pulled to the side in the middle of the highway and everyone started to get off. I asked if this is the last stop and he nodded. So I'm like ok, this is not near anywhere where tourists are or even any public transportations. I pulled over two cabs, showed them the address where I am going or asked them where the train is, neither of them understood me so I started walking. I probably asked a dozen of people along the way to find out where the metro station is. After awhile, none of them understand the word "train" so I started saying  choo choo. That they knew. 

I walked around for an hour before I found the metro. At that point, it was a piece of cake. It was a long 10 hour journey which only supposed to take 6 hours but at least I know my way around now. And finally 5) you need to have patience or your life is going to be miserable here.

Stupid schedule. 

Riding a tuk tuk to the border which is right in front of us. 

Crazy Khmers.

Border going into Cambodia.

Oh those crazy Khmers again. 


  1. The women keep asking... why no shirtless Phil in every picture?


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