New Year's Eve 2012-2013 in Da Lat!

Countdown to 2013: 4 hours and 2 minutes.

Currently sitting in my hotel room I am sharing with a friend I met in Nha Trang getting ready to go out for dinner then see what is happening in the city of Da Lat, Vietnam. It's a pretty cool thought that I will be celebrating new year's eve in a city that is 4,900ft above sea level and it's a chilly 62 degrees!!! I feel pretty cold after coming from 85 degree beach weather in Nha Trang. Anyways, I'm heading out.

.....I'm back. Current time: 11:49pm and this is what is happening in Dalat......Nothing!
Happy New Year!!! Me, Myself, and I. 

Nonetheless, Da Lat is a beautiful city to visit and lots to see. 2 nights and 3 days were enough for me since I couldn't wait to go back to beach weather in Mui Ne where I don't have to wear a jacket and pants to keep warm. 

A pretty nice bus this time. I like it except the guy sitting next to me kept putting his head on my shoulder when he fall asleep. 

My bus ticket to paradise....not really.

Got myself some soybean tofu dessert. 

Bun Bo Hue without the other nasty stuff. 

Eggs. This was ok. There is a sauce that you dip this in that taste kinda good and bad at the same time. I don't really know if I like it or not. 

I didn't feel like paying to get in to this. There were tons of people. 

Nice ride. 

The tents are where the farmers grow different types of flowers. There is an annual or bi-annual flower show here in Da Lat that is suppose to be really popular and everyone from Vietnam come to see this flower show. 


Central Market at night. 

It's packed every single night. 

Seafood and different types of grilled meat. 

Meatballs the size of my head. 

These are my favorite! Shredded coconut wrapped in peanuts. So good. 

Just lots of kids shoes. 

A really popular bakery. Really good food and prices. 

Fried pancake with chili sauce. Meh. 


Dalat old train station.

Grilled squid. 

You would think this would go on until midnight but this ended at about 10:30 and everyone disappeared in a matter of 15 minutes. The city became dead after that. Doesn't make any sense.  


  1. Vietnam seems so fascinating! I want to visit it so badly now after reading this article and looking at all the beautiful pictures! Will show it to my parents so we can go there for our summer holidays!


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