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Hong Kong: Horsies

Last night in Hong Kong. Went to the Hong Kong Jockey Club with Seb. Definitely not my type of scene but was still interesting to see what the fuzz is all about. It was like one giant block party. Only costed $10 HK (usd $1.20) to get in and you can place bets as low as $1 HK (usd $.12) which is pretty cool. I didn't place any bets. Just watching the pretty horisies run around in a circle was enough excitement for me. One horse did collapsed in the middle of a race and it was pretty sad to see. She laid there until a trailer came to get her. Not sure how they get her on it because she could stand up. (Video below) I hope she's OK. The rider seemed to be fine since he got right up and walked to the side of the track. 
The whole complex is pretty amazing actually. 
Grass looked so soft. Just wanted to lay down. Oh nature, I miss you. 
More people. 
Full moon. 

Hong Kong: More night climbs...

Two more days before I leave Hong Kong. I gotta take advantage of the climbing. Gordon wanted to do a multi-pitch night climb at Kowloon Peak so Chris, Line and I tagged along. Gordon and Line on one team. Chris and I on another. Hike to the base of the crag took an hour. It sucked. Also sucked hiking back down after we were done climbing. Chris and I finished in 4 pitches and took about 2 hours. We finished about an hour before Gordon and Line. Overall, it was a fun climb but not worth the hike. Seriously. One time is good enough for me.

Almost there!!!!!!!!
Almost almost thereeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

2nd pitch.
3rd pitch. I am never wearing jeans for multipitch ever again. It was like wearing leather pants. 
This section was fun. 

Chris and I finished about 45 minutes before Gordon and Line. We were hiking back down and the white dots are Gordon and Line at the 5th pitch I believe.

Hong Kong: Night climb.

Nothing really much to say. Went to September Crag in Kowloon Peak, Hong Kong. Climbed from 8:30ish to 11pm. Fun night. I went to bed with a big fat smile on my face. =D

Everything was pretty thin. 
About to get to the overhang crux or so I thought that was the crux. 
Not so easy after the overhang. Another 10 ft to go after that. SO tiring. 

No I was not belaying. No worry. 
Full moon. Gordon turned into a werewolf shortly after this picture was taken. 

That's the big fat smile I went to bed with. 

Hong Kong: Home away from home.

Well, I'm glad I got off my lazy butt and made an effort to spend most of the day visiting my grandparents and my parents old home in Hong Kong today. My grandparents lived on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong in an area called Tsing Yi and my parents lived on the Hong Kong side of the island in an area called Chai Wan. (see below)

I remember I used to go over to my grandparents over the weekend and gave them a hell of a time. It is only about a 45 minute train ride from one end to the other so it wasn't too bad. It was definitely a weird but good feeling being back, being able to recognize the streets I walked on, parks my brother and I played at, schools I attended, stores I begged my parents to buy me stuff from...etc. I don't feel like typing too much now but just look at the pictures and read the caption for each pictures. BLAH. 
Chai Wan I know one of my friends is going to laugh at me for this. This will give her even more confidence in me when we travel together I'…

Hong Kong: Stupid Internet

Sorry I haven't update the blog for about a week. My apartment's WiFi has been down since Sunday so couldn't go online to do anything. I haven't really done much anyway for the past week. Mostly went to the climbing gym and hung out with Vanessa before she left for Australia this past Sunday.

She took me to Sai Kung which used to be a village on the outskirts of Hong Kong but now it's pretty touristy. We then took a boat to an island with an 18 hole golf course but we just went to the driving range. After sucking for an hour, we went to dinner before heading back to the city to a bar in Lan Kwai Fong.

That was Saturday. Sunday, Vanessa left to Australia. It was a bit tough to say goodbye once again even though I've only known her for 2 weeks. Ugh it never gets easier...8 more days in Hong Kong before heading to Japan!

2:32AM Thursday UPDATE: Decided not to go to Japan at the end of February due budget reasons and weather. Will head back to Thailand for the beach…