Hong Kong: Climb, climb, climb

Thanks to Vanessa and Lupin, I finally get to climb outdoor in Hong Kong. Vanessa, from Canada, whom I met at the climbing gym last week invited me and Lupin who is a university student in Hong Kong provided the gears for us. We went to this placed called the Cape Collinson which is only about 40 minutes train and taxi ride from the center of Hong Kong.

We got there at around 9am and pretty much climbed until 4ish. Since it was on a weekday and weather wasn't so great, we were the only ones there so we had the whole area to ourselves. We had to rappelled down to the climbing area. We warmed up on a 5.8 and spend the rest of the day leading 5.10s. Awesome day. Now I can't wait to go bouldering.

Cape Collinson: http://hongkongclimbing.com/guide/cape-collinson/the-zawn/


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