Hong Kong: Horsies

Last night in Hong Kong. Went to the Hong Kong Jockey Club with Seb. Definitely not my type of scene but was still interesting to see what the fuzz is all about. It was like one giant block party. Only costed $10 HK (usd $1.20) to get in and you can place bets as low as $1 HK (usd $.12) which is pretty cool. I didn't place any bets. Just watching the pretty horisies run around in a circle was enough excitement for me. One horse did collapsed in the middle of a race and it was pretty sad to see. She laid there until a trailer came to get her. Not sure how they get her on it because she could stand up. (Video below) I hope she's OK. The rider seemed to be fine since he got right up and walked to the side of the track. 


The whole complex is pretty amazing actually. 

Grass looked so soft. Just wanted to lay down. Oh nature, I miss you. 

More people. 

Full moon. 


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