Hong Kong: I can't stop eating.

Since I have so much time in HK I decided to take a 6 mile stroll around the city today instead of taking public transportation (saves money and good excercise). Hong Kong is a very walkable city. Everything are close by and so compact. There is always something interesting to see or to find every corner you turn. I also walked by a lot of restaurants that serve excellent local foods at a really cheap price (mostly from USD $1 to $4). I have a feeling I may gain a few pounds this month which is good since I lost probably 50 pounds from that poisoned pizza in Bangkok.

I have to give a shout out to my friend, Emily, whom I met when I was in Vietnam for finding time to take me around yesterday. Without her, I wouldn't be able to try all these fine cuisines since I can't read the menu or how to order in Cantonese.

After lunch I went to the climbing gym, De Verm, for a couple of hours to work off some calories then I ate again. After dinner, I stopped by the harbor in Tsim Sha Tsui for a 10 minute city light show with crappy music at 8pm. After the crappy light show, I decided to walk 2 miles back to my home and check out the night life along the way which by the way is awesome. Stores open 'til late, millions of people are still out pass 11 at night, and lights everywhere. Feel so alive!!!

Love this car.

DIM SUM. Best bbq pork bun ever!

Sesame dumpling, sweet potatoes, ginger, lotus seeds desert. 

Congee with fried dough for breakfast. 

Pork, ducks, and chickens. 


This store is supposed to be well known for their egg puffs but I thought the old lady from Boston Chinatown is way better. 

Beef Jerky. Really expensive beef jerky. 

Baked pork with rice. Toast. Soup. Milk Tea. All for $8.

People everywhere. 

Stupid light show. Overrated. 

Again friggin people everywhere.

Stores open 'til past 2AM every night. so awesome.

King Crab!

Street musician performer. He was actually pretty good. Sang some old Chinese song back in the early 90s I think. 
(Make sure to watch it in 720p)

Hong Kong city light show with crappy music....And yes I zoomed in and out of 'PHILIPS' multiple times. I love myself. 
(Make sure to watch it in 720p)


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