Hong Kong: More night climbs...

 Two more days before I leave Hong Kong. I gotta take advantage of the climbing. Gordon wanted to do a multi-pitch night climb at Kowloon Peak so Chris, Line and I tagged along. Gordon and Line on one team. Chris and I on another. Hike to the base of the crag took an hour. It sucked. Also sucked hiking back down after we were done climbing. Chris and I finished in 4 pitches and took about 2 hours. We finished about an hour before Gordon and Line. Overall, it was a fun climb but not worth the hike. Seriously. One time is good enough for me.

Almost there!!!!!!!!

Almost almost thereeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!


2nd pitch.

3rd pitch. I am never wearing jeans for multipitch ever again. It was like wearing leather pants. 

This section was fun. 

Chris and I finished about 45 minutes before Gordon and Line. We were hiking back down and the white dots are Gordon and Line at the 5th pitch I believe.


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