Hong Kong: Stupid Internet

Sorry I haven't update the blog for about a week. My apartment's WiFi has been down since Sunday so couldn't go online to do anything. I haven't really done much anyway for the past week. Mostly went to the climbing gym and hung out with Vanessa before she left for Australia this past Sunday.

She took me to Sai Kung which used to be a village on the outskirts of Hong Kong but now it's pretty touristy. We then took a boat to an island with an 18 hole golf course but we just went to the driving range. After sucking for an hour, we went to dinner before heading back to the city to a bar in Lan Kwai Fong.

That was Saturday. Sunday, Vanessa left to Australia. It was a bit tough to say goodbye once again even though I've only known her for 2 weeks. Ugh it never gets easier...8 more days in Hong Kong before heading to Japan!

2:32AM Thursday UPDATE: Decided not to go to Japan at the end of February due budget reasons and weather. Will head back to Thailand for the beaches and Climbing instead! WWWoooohhhooo!!

Fresh seafood right off the boat. Really expensive though. 


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