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The land down under- Gold Coast.

I was supposed to land in Gold Coast airport at around 8:30pm on the 20th but due to heavy rain the pilot had to fly to Brisbane (about 40 miles north of Gold Coast) and wait it out. Waited for about an hour or so then we took off to fly back to GC. By the time we landed it was close to 11pm. I felt like I'm back at home once I left the airport, saw signs that are in English, roads are so clean, and white people that speaks English even though with an Australian accent. A comforting feeling really.

Anyway, funny thing was 3 hours into the flight, my brilliant brain decided that once I land I should walk to Surfer's Paradise from the airport. It looked pretty close on Google maps. It would probably take 2 hours max. Plus I was feeling energetic after sitting for close to 10 hours on the plane. I stopped at a 7-eleven, grabbed a bag of Cheetos, a bottle of chocolate milk and off I go. Except it wasn't two hours. I walked until 8am the next day a total of 13.5 miles. I slept …

Kuala Lumpur

Arrived Saturday afternoon in Kuala Lumpur not knowing it was St. Patty's weekend. After walking around for an hour not noticing all the green decorations on the streets and bars and couldn't find a hostel that is cheap enough for my budget, I found this place called Pondok Lodge. It was pretty filthy but I was tired and tired of walking. Got my own room but bed was nasty and dark. I slept in my liner all night. Didn't want to touch the bed sheet. Worst place I've stayed at so far for the price I paid which was $15. Stayed there for a night then went to Serenity Backpackers hostel. Awesome place. Free breakfast, clean, free movies, staff are great....$8 a night.

Didn't do too much in KL. Nothing really to do but food is good and cheap. Just walked around the city and went to a local bouldering gym about 45 minutes from where I am. Watched Flight and Djando unchained at the hostel with some people. Had an really interesting conversation until 1 in the morning with o…

Penang, Malay-sseeeee-aaahhhhhh

Well, I never intended to visit Malaysia at all until maybe a few weeks ago. Nothing really attracted to me to want to go to the country but since the visa  was free for US citizens...why not?! And oh boy oh boy oh boy, am I glad I came to Penang. Accommodation is cheap and best of all, the food is amazing and super doper cheap. Other than that, nothing I really wanted to see or do.  Love all the old style looking buildings and streets dated all the way back to the 19th century. But yeah, a day and a half here was good enough for me.

Rest stop to water the van.
 Lovely 12 hour car ride to Penang.

1) Got picked up at the hostel in Krabi at 6:30am.
2) Drove around for an hour to pick up other backpackers. Pretty normal.
3) 1st part of the commute went pretty smooth. Made 1 rest stop so I can buy a roll of cake: coconut cake and a drink.
4) 4 hours later got to HaiYai, a town close to Malaysia border.
5) Changed into another van with 9 people in it. Pretty comfortable with wide leather s…

Tonsai: Rock climbing paradise but...

Accommodation and food are just too expensive for my budget.

I arrived in Krabi at around 6am on Sunday after a 22 hour bus ride from Pai. Took a minivan that is 17Km from the bus station to the pier where the long boats are for $6. Took a 10 minutes long boat ride to Tonsai Island for another $3. Got really excited to see lots of climbers on some really cool limestone wall. Walked around for an hour asking for prices for accommodation.

 Prices ranged from $5 to $30. $5 would be sleeping in a 2 person tent sharing with another person which would be weird and uncomfortable due to limited space and 180 degree weather. $16 would get you your own private hut with a fan and your own bathroom. $30 would get you a really nice luxury hut with AC and an automatic flush toilet I'm guessing. I don't know. Didn't bother to ask or check out.

I unhappily choose the $16 hut for the night. Food prices are at least doubled or troubled from what I'm used to. Ex: a plate of fried rice wi…