Hello again Thailand

I am back in Thailand after a month of crazy spending in Hong Kong. I arrived in Bangkok at 8pm Thursday night (Feb 28th) and headed straight to my friend Keiko's apartment near Ari BTS station. I met Keiko back in Boston almost two years ago and luckily she has been living in BKK for the past 6 months working here in the city. I stayed with her for the night before leaving the next day at 8pm to Chiang Mai, a 10 hour bus ride from BKK. Paid USD $30 for VIP bus. Pretty expensive but it was worth it.

Finally arrived in Chiang Mai at 6am the next day. Watched a few episodes of The New Girl and slept most of the way. Paid a crazy $5 for a tuk tuk driver to take me to the hostel (Deejai Backpacker) but I didn't feel like negotiating. It was just way too early for that.

Spend the first day visiting the only rock climbing gym to try to meet some people so I can climb outdoor. It was a success. Met Avi from Israel and he invited me the next day to go to Crazy Horse Buttress. Climbed all day Sunday outside in 98 degrees sun beaming down at my face and back. Monday Rino (called him Greg for about a day for some reason. It's Kevin's fault), Kevin and I rented a motorbike to explore outside the city and visited a lake. I am exhausted so I'm going to stop typing. Like every posts, pictures below. I didn't feel like putting the pictures in order so just read the captions.

Some 6a (5.10a) but feels more like a 5.9. Really fun anyhow. 

There were some good stemming action going on this route.

Lunch: Rice with garlic pepper tofu. Tasty. 

They called the crag Crazy Horse Buttress. Do you see the Crazy Horse?

Just a friend of mine. Mr. Moth.

Pouring rain this morning. Eating some chicken noodles soup for breakfast. $.50 a bowl. =D

Me, Rino, and Kevin at Saturday night market. 

Me and Keiko. She was nice enough to let me stay at her place once again. 

Having fun at her pool while she was at work. 

Getting ready to board the bus to Chiang Mai.

Bus station. 

Booked the shuttle at the climbing store to take us to the crag. 45 min ride. 

The only climbing gym in Chiang Mai. Pretty sweet actually. Love climbing with all my imaginary friends. 

Avi couldn't lower me because there was a knot stuck. Clip myself to the wall. 

Saw this shirt at the night market. Thought it was pretty humorous. 

Some spicy rice noodles with fried pork skin. It was alright for $.66.

Dumb and dumber. 

I don't know the name of it but it's a lake. 

hanging out and having lunch by the lake in one of the huts. Food was horrible. 

Loving the tables though. 

Slept on the floor at Keiko's awesome apartment. 

Hanging out in the lobby at Deejai Backpacker waiting to check in. 

Not bad for $4. Hot as hell though. 

The mean streets of Chiang Mai.

Pad Thai for $1. I dig. 

Amazing fruit juice. $.66. I dig. 

This is what fun is. 

More fun. 

Parking lot. FUN.

Awesome 5.10d on the right where the blue shirt guy is. FUN.

Rush hour traffic. Also fun. 




Heading up more north to a little town called Pai tomorrow morning. Stay tuned for more posts about nothing. 


  1. That pool is sweet. You should move in with your friend.


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