Kuala Lumpur

Arrived Saturday afternoon in Kuala Lumpur not knowing it was St. Patty's weekend. After walking around for an hour not noticing all the green decorations on the streets and bars and couldn't find a hostel that is cheap enough for my budget, I found this place called Pondok Lodge. It was pretty filthy but I was tired and tired of walking. Got my own room but bed was nasty and dark. I slept in my liner all night. Didn't want to touch the bed sheet. Worst place I've stayed at so far for the price I paid which was $15. Stayed there for a night then went to Serenity Backpackers hostel. Awesome place. Free breakfast, clean, free movies, staff are great....$8 a night.

Didn't do too much in KL. Nothing really to do but food is good and cheap. Just walked around the city and went to a local bouldering gym about 45 minutes from where I am. Watched Flight and Djando unchained at the hostel with some people. Had an really interesting conversation until 1 in the morning with one of the night manager that works here who is from Pakistan about politics, religion and culture. I like how everyone here mix in 3 different languages into one conversation at the same time: English, Malaysian, Cantonese or maybe Mandarin. I have no idea. Sounds cool.

 After three months in SE Asia and one month in Hong Kong, it's time to change scenery. Flying to Gold Coast, Australia tomorrow AM.

I had to go in here. 


  1. Haha - I dreamt about the Batmobile kicking butt last night. KL was not fun! Enjoy Oz! :)

  2. Can't believe you went to the mall. :P


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