Pai so sweet.

Kevin (USA North Carolina), Rino (Norway/ North Dakota), and I took a 4 hour minivan ride from hell on Tuesday for $5 from Chiang Mai to Pai. The van was fine, but the road to Pai was just really curvy. Actually 762 curves total. They had plastic bags ready for you just in case anyone want to throw up. Sitting in the back of the van wasn't a good idea either.

Got to Pai at around 4 pm and instantly fell in love with it. Just a really chill environment. 700 meters (2300 ft) above sea level and 3000 in population total so it was really nice to get away from the city. Dreadlocks, hippies, and reggae everywhere. Musicians playing their acoustic guitar on the streets at night when the markets opens. Bamboo huts right on the river with a mountain view. Loving it.

Well, like always the week went by super fast. Kevin left for Laos this morning, Rino left for Chiang Rai (about 5 hours bus ride east of Chiang Mai), and I am leaving this afternoon at 3pm to go back to Bangkok and head south to Krabi hoping to get a job at a climbing shop for a few months. It was a blast hanging out with them this week.

The ride from Pai to Krabi is going to be brutal. 4 hours in a minivan back to Chiang Mai then wait 3 hours until 9pm for the overnight bus to depart to Bangkok. Arrive in Bangkok around 9am the next day, take the metro and local bus to the bus terminal. Wait there until 8pm then another 11 hour overnight bus ride down to Krabi. So it will take about 2 days (leave Friday afternoon and arrive in Krabi Sunday AM) to get there but for only around $60 and I don't have to pay for hostels since they are all overnight buses. =)

Rino and I leaving the tea shop....Yeah to the left. Hippies everywhere. So chill. 

So quiet and chill. Love it!

Walked over this bamboo bridge and found a really cheap place to stay. "Family Hut" $3 a night. I am convinced that anything can be made out of bamboo. ANYTHING!!!

Left side: hut for as cheap as $3 a night. Right side: Hotel room for $90 a night. Same view. The bed at the $90 a night hotel looks really comfortable though. 

Night view across the river looking at the fancy restaurant. I like the lanterns.

Main street. 

Shower on the left. Toilet on the right. Did not shower the last night I was there due to another giant the size of my hand spider hanging out next to the shower head. I sprint back to my hut. I can go to bed dirty for one night. 

This was pretty impressive. 

Hiked up this trail to this awesome waterfall. Went for a swim. 

At Pai Canyon. Sleeping. 

Last day. Just relaxing at a tea shop. 

Main street at night. 


  1. I know awesome is an overused term but this is radical!!


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