Penang, Malay-sseeeee-aaahhhhhh

Well, I never intended to visit Malaysia at all until maybe a few weeks ago. Nothing really attracted to me to want to go to the country but since the visa  was free for US citizens...why not?! And oh boy oh boy oh boy, am I glad I came to Penang. Accommodation is cheap and best of all, the food is amazing and super doper cheap. Other than that, nothing I really wanted to see or do.  Love all the old style looking buildings and streets dated all the way back to the 19th century. But yeah, a day and a half here was good enough for me.

Rest stop to water the van.

 Lovely 12 hour car ride to Penang.

1) Got picked up at the hostel in Krabi at 6:30am.
2) Drove around for an hour to pick up other backpackers. Pretty normal.
3) 1st part of the commute went pretty smooth. Made 1 rest stop so I can buy a roll of cake: coconut cake and a drink.
4) 4 hours later got to HaiYai, a town close to Malaysia border.
5) Changed into another van with 9 people in it. Pretty comfortable with wide leather seats except AC wasn't strong enough so my back keep sticking to the leather. Johnson's baby powder would have helped.
6) Border crossing went smoothly then realized I don't have any money to buy food or drinks anymore. Can't find a place to exchange money. Kept on eating cake.
7) Pulled over by police around 2pm. Checked passports.
8) Car started heating up. Driver asked all passengers to give up their water to feed the thirsty vehicle. Not enough water. Stopped at a rest stop to get water from bathroom.
9) more cake with no water.
10) Driver had to turn off AC. More cake eating with no water and now with 8 other sweaty passengers in what it felt like 108 degrees in rush hour traffic on the highway. More cake.
11) Arrived in Penang at 6pm. Finished cake.

Little India.

Hello Mr. Turtle. 

Went to the biggest temple in the world! just Malaysia. 

Trying to be artistic here. Failed. 

Right outside where I'm staying. 

Puck and I eating some street food for dinner. 

The dorm room is on the top floor. 

Angry bird water. Scary but I bought it anyway. 

Good enough for me to eat food off of those dishes. Good job dish washer guy. 

View from the dorm room. 

The armpit lemon smelly dorm room Puck and I stayed for a night. Yup just us two with 9 empty beds. That usually tells you something about the place. 

Next stop: Kuala Lumpur...


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