Tonsai: Rock climbing paradise but...

Accommodation and food are just too expensive for my budget.

I arrived in Krabi at around 6am on Sunday after a 22 hour bus ride from Pai. Took a minivan that is 17Km from the bus station to the pier where the long boats are for $6. Took a 10 minutes long boat ride to Tonsai Island for another $3. Got really excited to see lots of climbers on some really cool limestone wall. Walked around for an hour asking for prices for accommodation.

 Prices ranged from $5 to $30. $5 would be sleeping in a 2 person tent sharing with another person which would be weird and uncomfortable due to limited space and 180 degree weather. $16 would get you your own private hut with a fan and your own bathroom. $30 would get you a really nice luxury hut with AC and an automatic flush toilet I'm guessing. I don't know. Didn't bother to ask or check out.

I unhappily choose the $16 hut for the night. Food prices are at least doubled or troubled from what I'm used to. Ex: a plate of fried rice with pork would be $1 or less normally but on the island, the same plate would cost $3 to $4. Not cool! I also got charged about $2 each time for using the internet. ($.10/ minute)

I didn't even climb. I didn't feel like making the effort chatting with other climbers to see if I could join them. So just decided to lay on the beach and enjoy the water which was nice as well. Saw a few base jumpers towards the end of the night jumping off one of the mountains. That was cool.

The next day. I got the hell outta there first thing when I woke up. Back to Ao Nang beach and got a bed with A/C for $8 a night and back to eating cheap food.

This would have been find if I was only on a month long trip but for a long term backpacker like myself it is a lot of dough. Other than that really beautiful island to relax. =) I would go back when I have the budget for it.


Very gooooddddddd



BAAADDD. Same hut in Pai would have only cost $5! Yes I know I'm whiny.

I rather sleep out here for free. Yes, I'm still whining.

$16. no! Done whining. =)

Bus station in Bangkok where I spend a good 12 hours. 8am to 8pm. Good times. 

I really made an effort and challenged myself for a good 20 minutes before asking someone what is everyone looking at. 


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