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Brisbane to Sydney bike ride: Failed

Well, my plan to ride from Brisbane to Sydney didn't go too well...actually I shouldn't say that. It actually went really well until the last 21km (13 miles) when my left crank arm broke off. In the beginning, I was making pretty good timing, roads were flat, I still had tons of energy so I didn't really need to rest much. Even when I was tired, I still had energy to keep going on the lowest gear and able to ride up hill but just really slow.

I arrived in this small little town called Beaudesert at 11am to stop for lunch. I had a Big Mac combo. Best meal ever after a 5 hour bike ride. I don't normally drink soda but I had two cups in one meal and that was the first for me.Continued on at around 11:45am. After that, it was all farmland for the next 8 hours. Just acres and acres of grass fields with cows and horses. Saw a few baby kangaroos jumping around. That was cool.

Around 5ish, that was when I realized that the nut that holds my crank arm has gone missing. I'm …

Brisbane to Sydney

I'm not a cyclist by any means but just a week ago I decided to buy a $45 bike on ebay and ride from Brisbane to Sydney, an almost 1000km (600 mile) ride. I have never in my life riden this far before. The most I ever did was around 64km (40 miles). It's going to be fun to test myself to see if I can ride an average of 113- 120km (70-75 miles) a day for a week without any prior training.  I will be leaving at 6am tomorrow and ride until I cry.

I don't have too much details planned out like where I'm going to sleep, where to stop for food, what are the roads condition like...etc. But I do have directions to Sydney. I probably won't have access to internet for a good week so I will update on how my trip went when I get to Sydney. Later!

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Spend 2 hours writing up these directions to Sydney.....No idea what I wrote. 

Not your regular Hi-tech tour bike but this baby will do.....I hope. 
This is pretty much my home...actually this is…

Australia Visa

Due to the freedom and funding that I currently have now traveling full time, it's quite interesting to think back from what I had in mind for my travel plans before I left home to where I am or what I have in mind now (almost 5 months later).

My original plan was to travel most of the southern hemisphere and part of Asia starting from SE Asia, head up to China, Mongolia then head south to India, move west to Africa, then South America before heading home back to "Baustin"!

I had no plans coming to Australia whatsoever but I ended up here a month ago (time flies by the way). I was only going to stay for a few months before traveling to my original destinations but up until 3 weeks ago guess what....I am now here until next February of 2014 (hopefully get to hit up New Zealand as well)! It's pretty crazy. It feels pretty darn good being able to go anywhere you want at any given time without anything holding you back or worries and knowing that everyday is not the same…

Daily routine for the past 14 days

This is roughly what I have been doing every single day since I been in Bargara. Pretty much nothing other than work for 4 1/2 hours a day. Well, I went out to town for a day after work. Saved a bunch of money though!

7AM Breakfast. Poured a little too much Cocoa crisp cereal this morning. 

7:30AM- 11:30AM Clean BBQ grill, empty trash barrels and play with cute little looking magets, pick up branches/leaves and stuff, say Hello to Mr. Frog, clean pool, and clear pathways with a blower. All fun stuff.
12:00PM Make lunch and watch some tube. Today is Tuna, egg, and cheese sandwich with cheese rings. 
1- 3:30PMish Sit and play in the baby pool. 
4PM Shower. No picture or see picture above.
4:30- 6PM Gateway to the outside world. 
6-7PM Dinner with the housemates. 

7- 10PM TV watching with the housemates or talk to my only friend in Australia, Vanessa, for 86 hours with my cellular device. 
10PM Bed. See picture #1 except I would be laying down instead of sitting. Weird huh?

You m…

Kelly's Beach Resort

Today marks my 4th month being away from home. Sometimes its hard to imagine I am halfway around the world and on the other side of the hemisphere. I have experienced and gone to so many places these past 4 months that I never thought would be possible if I had never quit my job. I missed my friends and family but no regrets whatsoever.

Well this week another chapter begin, I found work on this website and I started working 4 1/2 hours a day from 7am to 11:30am at Kelly's Beach Resortlocated in Bargara, Queensland in exchange for a bed, breakfast and dinner. Lunch not included. My duties are basically cleaning BBQ grills, empty out trash, make sure all debris are clear out of roads and pathways, basically just landscaping work. Pretty easy but very dull. Time go by pretty slow. Meals they serve are plenty and tasty. No complaints.

The town is really tiny. Population just over 5,500. It seems to me so far the only tourists that come to visit are Australians. I…

Brisbane, Oz

I have now been in Brisbane for the past two weeks staying with a close family friend in Bowen Hills before heading up to Bargara Beach (8 hour bus ride north of Brisbane) on Thursday the 4th. Haven't really done much but just relax and read a lot. The last 4 months have been always on the go even though I lived in HK for a month, the city itself was so hectic that I couldn't really feel relaxed. Brisbane on the other hand is a city but very spread out and really laid back. Its been really nice to be able to go to supermarkets, buy my own groceries and make my own meals. With food being so expensive in this country, starting to lean towards going back to the meatless diet. I wish I have a bike here so I can bike everywhere. It seems such a cycling friendly city with wide roads and bike lanes painted. Kinda miss riding too but will probably get kill since I'm still not used to the opposite driving direction thing. Anyways...been kinda lazy taking pictures these past couple…