Brisbane to Sydney

I'm not a cyclist by any means but just a week ago I decided to buy a $45 bike on ebay and ride from Brisbane to Sydney, an almost 1000km (600 mile) ride. I have never in my life riden this far before. The most I ever did was around 64km (40 miles). It's going to be fun to test myself to see if I can ride an average of 113- 120km (70-75 miles) a day for a week without any prior training.  I will be leaving at 6am tomorrow and ride until I cry.

I don't have too much details planned out like where I'm going to sleep, where to stop for food, what are the roads condition like...etc. But I do have directions to Sydney. I probably won't have access to internet for a good week so I will update on how my trip went when I get to Sydney. Later!

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Spend 2 hours writing up these directions to Sydney.....No idea what I wrote. 

Not your regular Hi-tech tour bike but this baby will do.....I hope. 

This is pretty much my home...actually this is my home. Just upgraded myself with a vehicle. Definitely becoming an official bum slowly but surely. Making you guys proud, Mom and Dad. 


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