Daily routine for the past 14 days

This is roughly what I have been doing every single day since I been in Bargara. Pretty much nothing other than work for 4 1/2 hours a day. Well, I went out to town for a day after work. Saved a bunch of money though!


Breakfast. Poured a little too much Cocoa crisp cereal this morning. 

 7:30AM- 11:30AM
Clean BBQ grill, empty trash barrels and play with cute little looking magets, pick up branches/leaves and stuff, say Hello to Mr. Frog, clean pool, and clear pathways with a blower. All fun stuff.

Make lunch and watch some tube. Today is Tuna, egg, and cheese sandwich with cheese rings. 

1- 3:30PMish
Sit and play in the baby pool. 

Shower. No picture or see picture above.

4:30- 6PM
Gateway to the outside world. 

Dinner with the housemates. 

7- 10PM
TV watching with the housemates or talk to my only friend in Australia, Vanessa, for 86 hours with my cellular device. 

Bed. See picture #1 except I would be laying down instead of sitting. Weird huh?

You may wonder why I don't go outside the resort more. Reason is because outside the resort there is this for many many many miles.....and sometimes I just don't feel like walking.

What's next?  Back to Brisbane for a week to wait for my visa extension so I can run around in this country for the next 300 days. 


  1. Yeah we get it, you're ripped. Keep your goddamn shirt on you perv.


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