Kelly's Beach Resort

Today marks my 4th month being away from home. Sometimes its hard to imagine I am halfway around the world and on the other side of the hemisphere. I have experienced and gone to so many places these past 4 months that I never thought would be possible if I had never quit my job. I missed my friends and family but no regrets whatsoever.

Well this week another chapter begin, I found work on this website and I started working 4 1/2 hours a day from 7am to 11:30am at Kelly's Beach Resort located in Bargara, Queensland in exchange for a bed, breakfast and dinner. Lunch not included. My duties are basically cleaning BBQ grills, empty out trash, make sure all debris are clear out of roads and pathways, basically just landscaping work. Pretty easy but very dull. Time go by pretty slow. Meals they serve are plenty and tasty. No complaints.

The town is really tiny. Population just over 5,500. It seems to me so far the only tourists that come to visit are Australians. I don't see any reason why international tourists would want to come here. Definitely no backpackers because..well....there is nothing to do here and zero hostels. Only resorts and a few motels in town.

Not sure how long I will stay here. Whenever I get tired and feel like doing something else I guess but this is a great way to save me tons of moolah (especially in Australia) and prolong my trip longer than a year. Woohoo! I'll come home someday........................................someday.

A = Me

Villa we staying in while working at the resort. Pretty nice for my standard. 

45 minute walk along the beach into town to get groceries with the housemates. 

Bargara Beach. 

My bed. Yup, I'm pretty neat and organized. 


Bored? Pictionary is the way to go. 

See these giant dragons everyday standing around. I'll be brave enough one day to walk over and kick it. 

Yup after 4 months. I am working. 


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