Byron Bay, NSW

Spend a pretty nice relaxing week here in this little beach town. Realized that cooking in a hostel is quite annoying. The kitchen is always packed during breakfast, lunch, and dinner time but the hostel do provide everything you need to cook up a nice meal. It can definitely get pretty messy in there. Unlike SE Asia where you can afford to go out to eat every meal, here every backpacker prepare their own meals. But it seems like they spend quite a lot of money on beers and weed. Pasta and tuna is a popular dish or just plain pasta with tomato sauce. You see a lot of others preparing the same meal. Then there are travelers that are chefs back home and you would see them cooking up steaks, pumpkin beef stew, thai food...etc. Pretty impressive I must say watching them cook.

Other than that, nothing much happened this week. Hung out at the beach a lot and watched a lot of movies. Pretty awesome.

Taking a flight down to Sydney tonight.


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