Camper van...Done!

After close to 3 weeks of shopping for the right van, Vanessa and I finally bought a camper van this past weekend for $3,650 with everything included inside. It was first listed at $4,500. We looked at probably about 7 or 8 others before we decided to buy this one. The setup is not too bad given the space it has but the engine runs pretty good so far and the second battery system (charge laptops, phones, lights...etc when car is turned off) is pretty amazing. We still need to clean up the van a bit and trying to be creative with the storage space we have since we have our climbing gears as well.

We could probably afford a more expensive van with bigger space and possibly a better setup but we choose to be cheap and use that money for more traveling hopefully. We still want to travel to New Zealand, Tasmania, and now possibly Bali.

We are moving out of our apartment this coming Saturday, June 1st, and move into the van to save rent money. Vanessa still have 3 more weeks of work before we start traveling. In the meantime, we will probably park at the mall where she works or at our climbing gym where we would shower. It's going to be quite an adventure.

Moving from the brick building apartment in this picture we are living now in into this little guy. 

Yes, that is a speaker and that is our stereo system.  

Still need a name. 

The food lab.


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