I have already been in Sydney (specifically a town called Belmore, South West of Sydney)  for a week now since last Saturday. Haven't really explore too much of the touristy places yet. Mostly the surrounding suburbs near where I live. A decent size population of Lebonness and tons of Asians. Korean/ Japanese restaurants in every corner but not worth paying $30 a meal.  

Next day on funday, I bought another crappy bike for $60 but a lot better than the last one. Everything are attached and no loose nuts or anything at least. I also joined a climbing gym ($110/ month. Yikes) so I can get back to climbing shape before spending a month climbing at this place called Nowra, south of Sydney, starting sometime in the near future. 

Currently staying with my friend, Vanessa, that I met when I was climbing in Hong Kong 3 months ago. She's pretty much the main reason why I'm in Australia. Climbing and living out of a van are two good enough reasons for me to change my traveling plans. Doesn't hurt that her and I get along pretty darn well. 

Going to play basketball for the first since I left home tomorrow morning with a basketball meetup group here in Sydney!!! Legs will probably fall off after jumping and running after 10 minutes. Can't wait. 

Bouldering area not too shabby.

Gym is huge.

Inside Queen Victoria Building. It's a mall now with crazy expensive crap. The clock is pretty cool though. 

outside of QVB.

Train station. Takes about 45mins to an hour to get to the city. 

Vanessa making a veggie calzone....I lied. There is ham in it. 

Bought a bouldering pad and some slings yesterday. Getting ready for our climbing adventures here in Ozzie. 

My new crappy $60 bike.

Where I am living at the moment. 

About a 8 minute walk to the train station. 


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