Already been 2 full months since I have been in Australia. It's a whole new different travel experience/ style compare to the first 4 months where I was constantly moving to a different town/city every few days. Now, I feel more like I'm settling down where I have a proper living space to go back to at the end of each day. I am able to go grocery shopping to cook for myself because there is a kitchen I can use. There is a nice clean bathroom in the apartment with an awesome rain shower head. Almost feels like life being back home except I don't have to work. It's not a bad thing and it definitely feels a bit more luxurious.

Then there are times where I miss the dirty filthy backpacking lifestyle where I learned to expect the unexpected or having that uneasy discomfort feeling laying in a worn mattress in 90+F degrees inside a bamboo hut, finding a gigantic spider hanging out on the shower head or above your bed, or sleeping in the attic with 20 strangers from all different parts of the world separated by a mosquito net a foot apart from each other.  But for now, I will take the rain shower head over.....almost.....anything. 

15 minute bike ride to the Campsie library from Belmore (where I live) to get my Wifi. Go there a few times a week for a couple of hours  every other day or so.  

Right next to the library in the same building is where I mostly buy my groceries. There is also an Asian supermarket and a bakery shop inside. Big W is the Walmart back home. Go shopping there quite often these days. 

Up the street is where I also go grocery shopping. It's like a chinatown here. 

That's Campsie. 


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