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So we went on a shopping spree a few days ago and spend nearly $1,300 on the van. Not the kind of shopping spree that anyone want to do. Here is the breakdown:
Penalty ticket- $400Van inspection- $36Insurance- $522 (Would have cost over $1000 if we put the postal code in Sydney. Instead we picked a country town and saved well over $500. Those bastards) Since we are travelers it doesn't have to be the same city/town as the registration.Renew annual registration- $330 There you have it. We are making it rain!!! Hopefully we can put some of that cost towards the value of the van when we sell it. 
We left Sydney and start to head up north the following day. First stop was Manly, a beautiful beach surfing town. It was really nice finally getting out of the city. I couldn't wait even though Manly was only 20 km from Sydney. People were much nicer and more easy going. After spending half a day there, we drove up to the tip of Palm's beach, a rich quiet town with tons of trillion d…

Stupid rain.

5 days in Nowra was enough. It's not that we don't like the town or the climbing but because due to heavily torrential rain for 3 days straight and more coming. We didn't feel like going sightseeing in such perfect cloudy rainy weather so we decided to head up North where the warmth is and possibly where the sun shines. We did, however, stop at a few touristy locations on our way back up north.

We have to head back to Sydney for now to get our can inspected in order to renew the registration (rego they call it here). So hopefully inspection tomorrow will go smoothly so we can continue our great adventure. A little bird told me Manly will be our next stop.

Oh by the way, I got a response back from the NSW government office who examined the penalty notice I received earlier this month of $397 for installing a bike rack obscuring the license plate. This is what they said:

"We examined the details of the penalty notice and considered the issues you raise. Based on the circ…


We finally left Sydney to begin our travels in our campervan this past Tuesday the 18th. We drove about 3 1/2 hours south of Sydney to this place called Nowra, famous of its sport climbing here.

1st night we found a free campsite, Bandeela picnic area,  in Kangaroo Valley. Stayed there for a couple of nights. Really beautiful scenery and lots of cute wombats walking around at night.

The next 3 nights we headed to where the climbing crag is, Thompson's point, to camp. The town is only a few miles away so it was pretty convenient to get food when we needed to. As for shower, we went to a local fitness gym in town and paid $4 for a shower. Pretty expensive. For bathroom, well there is the forest and a shovel.

Finally, some peace and quiet around here. 
Crepes and Nutella for breakfast. yuuummm...
Green beans and minced pork with black bean sauce. yuummmm
Thompson Point.
Thompson point sunset. 
My friends. 
Attempted this 11a/b route. Got up to the X. Couldn't finish it. …

Sydney, most overrated city. I hate you.

After living in Sydney for a month and a half...
Things I dislike about Sydney:
1)  Speedbumps. Speedbumps are everywhere in this damn city. You go to the mall here and there are about 800 speedbumps 3 ft apart from each other. Actually, you don't even have to go to the mall. Just go on any side streets and there are plenty of them to go over. So annoying.
2) Public transportations. Buses and Trains. Wait at least 30 minutes for them after 9pm. Who got time to wait around for that long living in the city. GOSH!
3) Everything closes by 5:30 the latest. What the Hell?!...except for Thursday, the day everything decide to open a few hours later. Dumb. (This is not just Sydney but the whole giant island)
4) Want to go out to the movies? Forget about it. $18 a ticket. Nuts.
One thing I do like about Sydney:
1) They uses roundabouts instead of stop signs. Pretty smart and efficient I must say. 
Rant is over. Time to get out of this city. Never coming back again....I lied...have to go ba…


Finally!!! Get to boulder outdoor again. 1st time going out bouldering since I left the states over 6 months ago. Have been working on this V5 classic problem called Sloper's Dan Milosevic at Baulkham Hills, Sydney. Great problem. Finally got it today on my 4th attempt. Resting for a couple of days then heading down to this place called Nowra (a couple of hours from Sydney) to climb for a couple of weeks before going up heading up North. Our travel begins on Tuesday the 18th. FUN!!

Coogee Beach, Sydney, NSW

I got good news, bad news, and great news.

BAD: Still in Sydney.

GOOD: Got to hang out at the beach all day today.

GREAT: Leaving Sydney in 5 days.

Fried spam for lunch. Delicious....Don't judge me. 
Pretty white fence. 
Cool looking rocks and a cool looking lady. 
South Pacific Ocean and sunset. 

Congee Beach
Didn't know I was sitting on this rock that looked like it was about to tip over. Good thing I'm all skin and bones. 
Just trying to go back to my gymnastics days and doing a handstand.....with my head in the ground.  Failed. 
Cheesy jumping photo is a must. 


I was craving for cereal last night. Wanted something with lots of sugar but can't find any but the "healthy" crap. So I went with the generic Woolworth  brand because it was cheap.

"Great Start" my butt. 
Its tastes like paper. I'm going to buy a 10 pound bag of sugar today. 
I do enjoy having a late night snack in the bedroom/ living room/ kitchen area in my home though. And yes...that's a stuffed animal on my lap. It's a lion. His name is Kon. And it's not mine. Just getting it out there.  I

First cooked meal in the Van.

We bought a used double gas stove and a 2kg propane tank today for $40. It has been pouring all day. Parked our van at an empty residential garage/ parking lot to cook our first dinner. Success! 

Our bed is pretty comfy since we have about 7 pillows.