So we went on a shopping spree a few days ago and spend nearly $1,300 on the van. Not the kind of shopping spree that anyone want to do. Here is the breakdown:
  • Penalty ticket- $400
  • Van inspection- $36
  • Insurance- $522 (Would have cost over $1000 if we put the postal code in Sydney. Instead we picked a country town and saved well over $500. Those bastards) Since we are travelers it doesn't have to be the same city/town as the registration.
  • Renew annual registration- $330
There you have it. We are making it rain!!! Hopefully we can put some of that cost towards the value of the van when we sell it. 

We left Sydney and start to head up north the following day. First stop was Manly, a beautiful beach surfing town. It was really nice finally getting out of the city. I couldn't wait even though Manly was only 20 km from Sydney. People were much nicer and more easy going. After spending half a day there, we drove up to the tip of Palm's beach, a rich quiet town with tons of trillion dollar homes along the coast. Absolutely stunnnnnniiiinnnnnnnggggggggggg.

View of Sydney from Manly, something national park. 

Sydney, the city I love to hate. 

Giant cliff

Hooded lady chilling.

another giant cliff.



Surf shops everywhere.

Wall with old newspaper articles headlines. 

Palm Beach. Not the one in Florida. 

Spend the night here with an ocean view in front of these ok looking homes. 

That house is meh. 

Breakfast. Egg and cheese. 


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