We finally left Sydney to begin our travels in our campervan this past Tuesday the 18th. We drove about 3 1/2 hours south of Sydney to this place called Nowra, famous of its sport climbing here.

1st night we found a free campsite, Bandeela picnic area,  in Kangaroo Valley. Stayed there for a couple of nights. Really beautiful scenery and lots of cute wombats walking around at night.

The next 3 nights we headed to where the climbing crag is, Thompson's point, to camp. The town is only a few miles away so it was pretty convenient to get food when we needed to. As for shower, we went to a local fitness gym in town and paid $4 for a shower. Pretty expensive. For bathroom, well there is the forest and a shovel.

Finally, some peace and quiet around here. 

Crepes and Nutella for breakfast. yuuummm...

Green beans and minced pork with black bean sauce. yuummmm

Thompson Point.

Thompson point sunset. 


My friends. 

Attempted this 11a/b route. Got up to the X. Couldn't finish it. Cracks are pretty thin. Another time. Most routes here are pretty hard and scary due to the bolts are quite far apart. 

Awesome view. 

Preparing lunch. 

Probably will kidnap one of these one night and bring it into the van to cuddle with. So darn cute. 


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