Stupid rain.

5 days in Nowra was enough. It's not that we don't like the town or the climbing but because due to heavily torrential rain for 3 days straight and more coming. We didn't feel like going sightseeing in such perfect cloudy rainy weather so we decided to head up North where the warmth is and possibly where the sun shines. We did, however, stop at a few touristy locations on our way back up north.

We have to head back to Sydney for now to get our can inspected in order to renew the registration (rego they call it here). So hopefully inspection tomorrow will go smoothly so we can continue our great adventure. A little bird told me Manly will be our next stop.

Oh by the way, I got a response back from the NSW government office who examined the penalty notice I received earlier this month of $397 for installing a bike rack obscuring the license plate. This is what they said:

"We examined the details of the penalty notice and considered the issues you raise. Based on the circumstances you describe we cannot, under our Review Guidelines, cancel or offer leniency for this offence. We conclude that the penalty still applies.We acknowledge the events you indicate led to this penalty notice. Unfortunately, we cannot offer leniency based on these circumstances because of the seriousness of the offence."

My foot up his butt would be a serious offence. Jerk.

Meh. Vacation continue.

A big blowhole.  

Cathedral Rocks. Looks stupid to me. 

Grand pacific road. Not stupid. 

Royal National Park

Pretty sure we were only 20 miles (the most) to Sydney from here but then we saw this. 

Had to turn around. Drive another 20  miles back to where we were and get on Princess Hwy.  Wasted lots of gas and time. The flood was worth seeing though.


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