Sydney, most overrated city. I hate you.

After living in Sydney for a month and a half...

Things I dislike about Sydney:

1)  Speedbumps. Speedbumps are everywhere in this damn city. You go to the mall here and there are about 800 speedbumps 3 ft apart from each other. Actually, you don't even have to go to the mall. Just go on any side streets and there are plenty of them to go over. So annoying.

2) Public transportations. Buses and Trains. Wait at least 30 minutes for them after 9pm. Who got time to wait around for that long living in the city. GOSH!

3) Everything closes by 5:30 the latest. What the Hell?!...except for Thursday, the day everything decide to open a few hours later. Dumb. (This is not just Sydney but the whole giant island)

4) Want to go out to the movies? Forget about it. $18 a ticket. Nuts.

One thing I do like about Sydney:

1) They uses roundabouts instead of stop signs. Pretty smart and efficient I must say. 

Rant is over. Time to get out of this city. Never coming back again....I lied...have to go back to return couple of books I borrowed from the stop, Nowra.  Sorry no pictures this time. 


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