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Farm Stay at Euleilah, QLD

It has been over a month since we have been on the road now and during that time, we've spent quite a bit of money on food, gas, food, and things related to the van. We figured it's probably a good time to do some work in exchange for accommodation and food. It would save us a tons of benjamins for one week.

We looked on the that I subscribed to before I came to Australia. It's the same website that I used when I worked at the resort for two weeks 4 months ago. This time Vanessa and I found a small farm house to stay at for a week. Here is the description:
We are a small hobby farm on 42 acres of picturesque open forest in a quiet bush setting 80km north of Bundaberg, 50km east of Miriam Vale and 50km south of Agnes Water/1770. We are originally from Melbourne and have spent the last 6 years establishing ourselves. You can see photo's of our progress on our website. There's 2 of us plus Sam and Max, our Maremma sheepdogs.

We are currently looking fo…


Sorry, it's been a couple of weeks since I last posted. Just a quick update on what we've been up to. So far we have been traveling quite slow. We have really been taking our time and not driving over 70 to 100 miles a day. We have 6 months to go around the country so what's the rush?!

As we head up more north (warmer weather) we start to see more and more travelers like ourselves living and traveling out of a van. We are getting pretty good at spotting which vans are backpackers and which are for business purposes as well. So far we've met Eva from Germany traveling by herself!!! She has driven almost most of Australia already and just last night we met a 40 year old surfer from the UK doing an one year around the world trip in Noosa heads (another popular beach town). He invited us over for dinner in his van which is twice the size of ours.

As for the van itself, it is working and able to take us to our next destination without any mechanical issues so far. Actually,…

Happy Birthday American

Since my last post, we've been to about 8 different places and drove only about 400 miles because we only drive around 50  miles per day (really taking our time). Plus the van can't really go that fast. Probably 70mph max. It's been over a month living in the van and a little over two weeks traveling in it. Starting to get used to finding public bathrooms, free wifi (libraries are our best friend), find the cheapest food there is at the supermarket, and where to park the van to spent the night. Usually just a random quiet street in the suburbs or in front of other hostels.

Pictures below are just a few different towns out of many we have been through so far.

Port Stephens sand dunes. 

Ellenbourgh waterfall. 

Port Macquari. Bodyboarding capital of Australia.
Same place. 

Koala Hospital @ Port Macquari.
Just a giant banana.

Coffs Harbour. Sealy lookout.
Parked next to all these trucks to spend the night. 

Went to a bee farm. Before Coffs Harbour. Trying out different types o…