Farm Stay at Euleilah, QLD

It has been over a month since we have been on the road now and during that time, we've spent quite a bit of money on food, gas, food, and things related to the van. We figured it's probably a good time to do some work in exchange for accommodation and food. It would save us a tons of benjamins for one week.

We looked on the website that I subscribed to before I came to Australia. It's the same website that I used when I worked at the resort for two weeks 4 months ago. This time Vanessa and I found a small farm house to stay at for a week. Here is the description:

We are a small hobby farm on 42 acres of picturesque open forest in a quiet bush setting 80km north of Bundaberg, 50km east of Miriam Vale and 50km south of Agnes Water/1770. We are originally from Melbourne and have spent the last 6 years establishing ourselves. You can see photo's of our progress on our website. There's 2 of us plus Sam and Max, our Maremma sheepdogs.

We are currently looking for couples or two women to mainly help with outdoor work such as looking after our heritage breed Berkshire pigs, maintaining and expanding the gardens, construction and general property maintenance. Occasional household chores are required too. We are also interested in a cultural exchange and want helpers who are keen to socialise during their time off. Unfortunately, we cannot help with second year visa's.

Short stays of up to a week or so are preferred. Helpers can expect to do up to 4 hours work each morning and have Sunday's off. We provide 3 good meals per day (we are big meat eaters so vegetarians may find it difficult!). We can pick people up from Miriam Vale and Agnes Water and also when we go shopping in Bundaberg, which happens about once a week.

Accommodation is a cabin with a double bed and three single beds, outdoor shower and toilet and shared kitchen and laundry facilities. There is a television and PC in the cabin and wi-fi with data limited internet access. We have large dams suitable for swimming and can take people to the beaches and river. Bicycles and kayaks are also available for use.

Please make first contact through the HelpX site. We will always reply and can usually do so within a few hours. In your message, please say which date you are thinking of arriving and how long you are planning to stay, where you are now and whether you have your own transport or need to be picked up. Ideally your profile should already include a description of yourself, your interests, skills, any work experience and a photo.

- Cannot help with second year visa's.
- Short stays of up to a week preferred.
- Couples or two women preferred.
- Up to 4 hours work each morning. Sunday's off.
- Food and accommodation supplied.
- Can pickup in Miriam Vale or Agnes Water, Bundaberg on shopping days.
- Please contact us through HelpX first and have a detailed profile.
Dylan is in a wheelchair so he can't do anything physical. Robert does everything around the farm and take care of Dylan's every day's needs. 

Daily routine:
8am- wake up
8:30- breakfast (normally toast with peanut butter and jam, fruits)
9ish- start work 
11ish- morning tea
1- lunch (Robert usually makes us delicious sandwiches.)
1 to 7- whatever (shower is in there somewhere)
7pm- dinner (Robert prepare one awesome meal during dinner time.)
11 to 12- bedtime

After dinner, usually back to our little cabin to watch movies that they provide on this media server with hundreds of movies and tv shows on there to choose from. Pretty sweet. 

Next destination: Agnes water. 
You don't have to go very far from the coast to be in the middle of nowhere in Australia. We are only about 30 miles from the coast. They have to travel at least this far to go to the nearest something....anything. 

The cabin we are staying at.

Hanging out in the cabin watching Family Guy.

Outside shower and bathroom. 

We cleaned up this area yesterday. Pulled out all the weeds and cover them with sugar cane mulch. Took a couple of hours. 

Fresh bananas. 

The slaughter shed. The tub is where they drain the blood of the pig before the next process. 


Feeding the puppy.

Have Sunday off. Hanging out with Dyland and Robert in their living room. 

Vanessa baking up zucchini muffin. YUM!

Robert made some homemade fresh bread!


Let's burn more things. 

Gotta feed the pigs. 

Look I found Falkor. 

No food for you!

Our host invited us to one of their friend's farm for a housewarming party on Saturday. My first Australian country BBQ. Sheep, Goat, and Ham were served. I only ate the ham. 

She live on a 40 acre farm in front of a creek. 

After dinner, there were fireworks. Country music was playing in the background. I felt pretty country. 

Burn baby burn!!!!

Pig Feeding.


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