The amazing Great Barrier Reef

Definitely one of the top things on my to-do list for my adventure in Australia was to dive the Great Barrier Reef. And happily, we got to do it! 

After our little setback in Airlie with the radiator mishap, we hightailed it north to Cairns in just 2 days. Initially this would have made me feel pretty sketchy driving our van ~700km in 2 days, but after the new radiator was put in, the van has been running pretty well! We made it with no problems. We ended up staying at a rest stop about 20km south of Cairns the night before our dive trip which translated into us having to wake up at the ridiculous hour of 5:30am just so we could drive into Cairns and meet the Rum Runner crew by 7am the next day. Had a bit of a scare too when we pulled into the marina parking lot only to discover it was a 10hr max paid parking lot when we needed to be able to leave it overnight. Luckily we ended up talking to the City Council worker (who was going around systematically pounding on the outsides of all the campervans in the lot and handing out warnings and probably fines), who kindly gave us his card and promised to talk to the parking guys to let us leave our car overnight. So we managed to board the Rum Runner with at least some peace of mind. 

We headed out for a 3 hr boat ride to Thetford Reef where we'd be doing our diving/snorkelling. Our 1st dive was around 11AM. I did an introductory dive which cost more money and needed a guide to be with me at all times. Masa was my guide and he was awesome at taking some amazing pictures for me. 

The experience itself was amazing. Being in the water as deep as 30ft and being able to see things you wouldn't normally be able to see on the ocean surface. The feeling was like doing a mutli pitch route for the first time. However, I only did 2 dives out of 6 because it would just be really expensive for me if I did more. Plus, I got sea sick the second day on the boat (getting old). But snorkeling was just as amazing and its free. 

Since we've been back on land, we've made a little trip up to visit Port Douglas (nice pretty town), the Mossman Gorge (with our new friend from the Rum Runner, Yadev and his friends Michael and Kay), the Daintree Village (not much there..) and then on to Cape Tribulation! Pictures are the best way to explain it: 


  1. AWESOME! <3 Love the pictures from the Great Barrier Reef. Did you see any sharks?! Turtles?! :D


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