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Last stop in Myanmar: Golden Rock

It was a long day traveling. First 10 hour bus ride from Inle Lake to Bago. We arrived in Bago at around 5:30am, checked in to the dirtiest hotel I have seen in awhile for $18 a night, at 7am we took a 2 hour ride taxi to Kinpun (base of the bottom of golden rock), then took a 30-40 min ride in a open truck, we then had to hike up an hour to this rock. Totally not worth going. 
Next day, we go the hell out of there as early as we can. Took the 7am train ride back to Yangon (not much of a better place) so we can fly out of Myanmar the next day. It was an amazing tiring two weeks. I'm glad I get to this country before even more tourist visiting. The language and people are beautiful. I must say the people in this country are the nicest out of all the other countries I have traveled to. 
Rooftop view from our nasty hotel room in Bago. Probably one of the nastiest place I have stayed during this trip. 
Not a bad view though.
Getting on this truck to go to the top to see…

Inle Lake, Nyaung Shew

Local Myanmar food. Crepes w/ onion & tomato and an egg. Just kid.
Pretty much cover in dirty and dust every time you walk outside. 
Local market
Aquarius Inn
Had a little extra money to spent toward our Myanmar trip so decided to get a nicer room. 
Nepali Restaurant around the corner of our inn. Delicious paneer curry with chapati and Myanmar beer. 
The owner's daughter hung out with us during dinner.
Bike ride with Shane from Oz.
Kids at an orphanage waving at us while riding by. So cute. 
We rode by a tons of boys that were walking to school. We said Hello and one of them told us to follow him so we did. Visited the Main Thouk Village Orphanage on the way to see the forest monastery. 
Talking to one of the volunteers and told us about the history and gave us a tour of the place. He also served us green tea and some local food they made with rice powder, leaks, and banana leafs. 
Inle Lake
The Forest Monastery.
The Main Thouk Orphanage for about 35 boys. The girls one is do…


Day 1 Checked into Royal Guesthouse for $22 a night around 4pm. Hired a taxi driver for $5 to drive us to Mandalay Hill for sunset. Good view but too cloudy. Met Stef and Natasha from Germany at the guesthouse and went to the best street food stall for dinner (forgot camera ugh). Had coconut rice and something they called Chapati (kinda like nan). for about $1.
Day 2 Hired the same taxi driver for the day (8:30am to 7pm) for $30 to drive us around to the must see sites in Mandalay. Took us to a bunch of temples and last U-bien bridge for sunset. Pretty much hung out with Stef and Natasha. Met a new friend from Taiwan named Edmund. Had dinner with him at Pan Cherry Restaurant. $.50 for bowl of noodles. 
Day 3 Last day. Checked out of hotel at 11am. Had lunch again at Pan Cherry since it's so darn cheap. Rented a bike for $1 and biked around the .5 mile in diatmeter Palace. Went to a fancy hotel with a pool to take an afternoon nap. Came back to hotel around 4:30pm, shower, and get re…